UKW Stutters!

Credit: UK Wrestling

UKW Friday Night Showdown 4 Was The Nightmare Before Christmas. Sometimes. Sometimes not.

After the almost excellent last episode when UKW certainly entertained, this one stuttered and staggered a little, it seemed to lack smoothness, it was a little clunky.

So, as ’tis the season of enforced jollity, let’s have a look at the presents and the lumps of coal in this episode.


The UKW Round The Clock Belt Could Be Transformed

When Billy O’Keefe won the belt last week; I asked why.

I also hoped that it would be the start of something new for the belt, no more of this smack-you-in-the-bathroom-with-soap-on-a-rope-and-pin-you nonsense.

I hoped Billy, who can really wrestle, would do a bit of that with the belt.

Delighted to say my wish came true. He made an open challenge for the UKW belt.

Cliff Harrison, showing less heel anger this week, answered it and they had a short but sweet match, including a nice Harrison side effect and that lovely O’Keefe hammerlock clothesline.

The end came with a senton atomico and O’Keefe retained. Looking forward to this new run with the belt.

Henry Winter and Big Duncan clash

It came in a hastily booked tag team championship match with Winter and Cayman Carlise, the Collective, putting their belts up against Duncan and Tommy Dillon.

Big Duncan & Tommy Dillon
Credit; screenshot from the show

Dillon was beaten down of course, this is a hot tag situation after all, but when Duncan got that tag, he seemed to win the battle of the shoulder barges; Winter will not be happy.

And there was some good work here, including good old UKW ref distraction from Carlisle whilst Winter had his foot on Duncan’s throat in the corner, a moment when Winter picked up a cookie sheet to hit Dillon but just smacked Duncan on the head with it as he passed, Dunc so surprised he no sold it.

The ending was a thing of beauty, a Carlisle cutter to Dillon off Winter’s shoulders. A much better fight than I thought it would be.


I Miss You, JPR!

On the UKW commentary team at least. There was a reason why he was at home and came to us via video later, he was beaten up by Winter last week and was still selling it – that’s good wrestling work.

But it did mean that the bookerman, Lawrence¬† took over and his sort of worldweary delivery doesn’t really help proceedings.

He has Mustafa Khan with him, who is good value and who still had his fast food burger box on the desk! Or was it a kebab? Vegan sausage? This was on my mind for the whole programme…

The commentary team, food carton in the foreground
Credit; screenshot from the show


Not entirely their fault, but I was looking forward to seeing Leonie Rose v Alfieeee(e)eeee, as was advertised last week.

That was when they appeared on the programme several times chasing each other, it was fun and managed to never be a bit Benny Hill.

Alfiee can’t be there this week, we’re told half way through, which is why Leonie is in the UKW battle royale (more of that in a minute), so why start the show with a recap of what you can’t have this week?

Don’t show it, don’t remind us. Don’t get our hopes up.


The battle royale. Lots of wrestlers and Big Duncan.

Guess who won?

It wasn’t exciting, knock down or drag out, in fact at one point, Sheikh Muhktoom waited for someone to throw him over the top rope.

Nice moment though when Duncan picked someone up and swung him round so the legs to hit Hunter El.Car.Us on the apron.


Leonie Rose in the Battle Royale.

There was a ‘what?’ when she entered, but she used her smarts, stayed on the outside when politic, she took a Ducan chop, her legdrop was nice and the face when she realised she was in with Duncan was fabulous.

She eliminated herself – smart heel, see?

Leonie Rose
Credit; screenshot from the show

Pressie & Coal

Mad Ed. Slaps his head. Wears a vest with a bloody handprint on it. Shouts a lot.

Is the ‘mad’ because he’s angry? Or is he mentally unwell? The former isn’t interesting. The latter isn’t appropriate. And it’s a shame because he has some good moves.

Pulling double UKW duty tonight, against owner’s son Joe Sedgwick, silver spoon Sedgwick as Lawrence rather waggishly says.

Ed hit a good superplex and a passable slingblade before an excellently stiff legdrop for the pin.

Joe didn’t get too much in, this was a bit of a showcase for what Ed can do. He can do a lot. Including shouting at the crowd.


So How Good Was It?

Not bad at all. Just not as good as it could be. May I make some improvement suggestions? No? I’m going to anyway…

Bring back JPR! We need his regular chat, his affable nature and his hatred of The Collective in our homes again.

Schedule Leonie Rose and Alfieeeeee as soon as you can, those have chemistry and a match between them should be rather special.

Sort out this silly UKW title belt situation. Sedgwick beat Jester Jayrow Lewis for it, but he kept it. Sedgwick had a new belt made. He carries it. Why is he so bothered about the other one?

Play the new Round The Clock wrestling title as much as you can.

Keep the Winter v Duncan feud bubbling. These two have charisma together and that must be continued.

Give Leonie Rose as much time as you can. She has with good heel chops, she could be your top hated wrestler for years.

And Finally…

Keep at it. This is a big undertaking. It’s bound to wax and wane. But for the aspiration, well done, UKW. Well done…

Written by Steve Swift

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