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Credit: UK Wrestling

With all this covid cacophony and pandemic perfidy, it’s a wonder wrestling promotions have got stuff to show us in a late December look back way, but UKW, out of Batley in Yorkshire, certainly have.

Not only have UKW flown by the seat of their pants at times to bring us live Friday night programmes for free, they’ve been provided lower price PPV’s (some as low at £2.99) most of the year.

So It’s Only Right They Show Them To Us, Then!

Alright, no need to shout

Firstly, a word about the person who links the matches, Shelby Sinar. She’s no Lex Lister, who did that for UKW last year, but Lex was a professional performers and Shelby is just coming into the wrestling announcing biz.

Shelby Sinar
Credit: Screenshot from the show

She’s really easy going get on with. No frills, just the info you need, bur with a big smile and infectious bonhomie. Her announcing is pretty good too.

Colt Miles v Jumping Jimmy Jackson

This is from UKW ‘Rebound’ in May. Colt is bigger, a heavy favourite and will stop Jimmy jumping if he’s got anything to do with it. Going with his angry look is some sterling work on Jimmy’s leg.

See? Told you he’d stop Jimmy jumping.

There was an Indian Deathlock, nicely named by Lawrence on commentary (more on that successful booth later), a fall back to add extra torque and an extra-accurate dropkick to the knee.

And yet Jimmy still managed a standing shooting star press for a long 2 and a springboard cutter.

Jimmy Jackson
Credit: Screenshot from the show

It wasn’t all leg work for Colt though, a vicious looking F5 brought a 2 count too, but in the end Jimmy hit a shooting star press for the pin.

On one leg. That he beat Colt is surprising. That he hit the move on one leg is phenomenal.

The Commentary Is A Surprise

I’m not sure Lawrence Breeze has been happy with my recent comments about his commentary. I just mentioned that he had a worldweary style that didn’t always work for UKW events and as a hit of adrenaline.

Here though, things are much better. He’s got support, including Brett Hadley, who’s disconnected feel I’ve had issues with in the past, but here he, Lawrence and Steph Hindle chat and really created a warmth. And not just for one match, for all of the events on which they’re featured.

Hard to do. Nicely done.

Rhio v Jessie Jackson

You know how heavily favoured Colt Miles seemed to look down his nose at Jimmy Jackson and then looked up the word ‘hubris’?

Well Rhio was heavily favoured, seems to look flown her nose at Jessie and…didn’t need to look up a word.

Credit: Screenshot from the show

From the beginning, Rhio showed what she thinks, not only synching in a full nelson but ragdolling Jackson too. Then adding a sweet suplex and sidewalk slam, even wrestling through a sudden lights out moment.

Put a 10p in the meter!

When the lights came back, Jessie seems galvanised, as she hit a hybrid bulldog and tornado DDT; Lawrence and Brett were honest about not really seeing it before, neither had I but I hope I see it again.

She followed it up with a discus lariat which deserved more that a long 2 count.

Jessie Jackson
Credit: Screenshot from the show

But a pump handle powerbomb and wicked looking neckbreaker gave Rhio the pin. Good UKW action and some valiant fight from Jessie.

Kaine Taylor v Robert DeCaro v Chase Alexander

I saw this PPV, UKW ‘Pick Your Poison’ and remember thinking that the Freddie Mercury ringer Alexander produced some great work.

Watching it again, I’m not so sure. Funny how we can aid perception, eh? What’s the truth? Whose? And how can there be any? It’s all perception and –

Shut up, this is for the UKW TV title!

And actually, watching it back, it was a closer match. Kaine Taylor put down, you don’t see that very often, they might have even snatched the belt if they could only work together. Triple threat, see?

And Taylor isn’t down for long, he even takes them both off the top in a great tower move. And eventually Alexander tasted the synched up powerslam for the pin.

Short. And rather sweet.

Jester Jayrow Lewis v Rex Savage v Tommy Dillon

And this one was a real surprise. It’s tasty. Lewis is hated. He’s the heavyweight champ at this point, during UKW ‘Aftermath’.

So why not give him the predator Savage to deal with? And then throw in popular meat in the ring Dillon as a distraction?

Because it might be crowded and underwhelming? Well, yes I suppose so. But it wasn’t.

Not in the slightest. It was rather good.

And Tommy had a good showing too – that’s twice this year! Only funning, he military pressed The Jester and when Savage lifted him one handed with ease, Dillon saw his chance for an excellent spear.

Jester had inzegueris for all and when Rex caught him on the outside, he seemed unsure that he could press him over the top rope. He could. Easily

Rex also hit a jumping piledriver on Lewis, looked horrible, but lovely, if you see what I mean. And then we went down memory lane; sleeper to sleeper to sleeper.

ECW’s ‘Night The Line Was Crossed’, wasn’t it? Lovely touch, UKW.

3 sleeper spot
Credit: Screenshot from the show

Savage was very kind to Lewis when he hit a beautiful safe sit down powerbomb which looked gorgeous and then Dillon rolled through into a sweet sharpshooter.

Eventually the Jester prevailed when he connected with a drive by knee to the back of Savage’s head.

And he couldn’t believe it when his hand was raised. Lawrence had to pad here because we wanted to see Savage’s disbelieving face, he chatted well, the face was great.

Jester Jayrow Lewis
Credit: Screenshot from the show

So was the match.

And finally, a comedy match! I can feel my lip curling already. ..

Los Lunchadors v Jonathan Sedgwick & Mustafa Khan

This is from UKW December Bash. I saw it announced on a Friday Night Showdown and didn’t like it then.

Guess what?

Lip still curling. OK, here are some moments. Not highlights, moments…

They all had to help Burrito from the Lunchadors to do a kip up

Burrito then walked in a circle and bounced off Mustafa Khan; that was a bit funny

Los Lunchadors gave everyone a burrito and they all chowed down

Burrito tagged Sedgwick in and he entered the ring, then stopped and realised; he did it very well and it did make me chuckle

Los L’s fought each other, sadly.

All ‘hilarious’ stuff. OK, some not bad, but Cayman Carlisle had a point when he came down to ringside and, as one half of the UKW tag team champs, called it what it was. Rubbish wrestling.

Now, why is it that wrestlers come down to the ring on their own, see 2, 3, 4 combatants in there and get in an anyway? Arrogance? Ignorance? Storytelling sense?

Anyway, Carlisle got a superkick to the chops, 2 bags of nachos to the face and a pin the ref counted even though he wasn’t in the match.

We were told then that ‘everybody wins’. I can’t agree. And can I stop writing about this now?Ny curled lip is giving me a headache.

I’ll Tell You What, Though

Well done, UKW.

An entertaining programme, sadly with no Leonie Rose but you can’t win ’em all and they showed just how fine those PPVs can be.

Now they just need to raise Friday Night Showdown to that level…

Written by Steve Swift

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