UKW Friday Night Showdown: So Near…

And Yet…

Credit: UK Wrestling

UKW Friday Night Showdown Episode 2! I’ve bigged up the last episode for the sheer reach of a 2-hour 30-minute first episode of your weekly show. I understood there would be some issues including sound and the opening. Well, this was 2 hours. Still impressive, eh?

Well, It Wasn’t Actually 2 Hours

30 minutes was extraneous. Not needed. Not enjoyable. It was the empty UKW room. Then 2 person booth JPR and Shelby. It wasn’t like last week when you could hear them, but they were on camera. And then the video started and we were on.

What a way to start your program. It looked a bit dodgy and after having the same thing last week, I was left with one question above all others: Couldn’t UKW have edited it out? It was just the beginning half hour. Isn’t that simple to do? Maybe not. But hang on, bad stuff over with. A bit more to come, sadly. But loads of better stuff this week.

The Commentary

JPR, Justin Pierre Robert, knows what he’s doing. He’s been around wrestling and he gets involved, even facing down UKW nasty heel tandem Carlisle and Winter (sounds like a channel 5 cop series), keeping the excitement up and doing something we needed. Filling. This isn’t a bad thing, it just keeps up the chat and gives the impression that things are progressing without silence.

He was with ring announcer Shelby. This was a success too. She had energy and played the crowd a little. She did it with ease and a natural feeling that shows she may be that last thing. A natural. And we could hear the mics a little better too. Not well enough, but it’s coming up that volume. Like an electable Socialist party.

Credit Where Credit Is Due

It may seem small, but it’s very important. That’s something I find myself saying a lot. And here it was so good to see the wrestlers announced because it meant I didn’t have to go to the internet to check, it made the show look a little more important. And one more reason;

they deserved it.

The Crowd Love It

The UKW Crowd are all in. They love their promotion and let us hear it. And because there are a good few kids in the crowd, the atmosphere is energetic, frenetic, and other words ending with ‘etic’…peripatetic? No, that doesn’t work. Anyway, the crowd gives this UKW event a Big Time feel. Which is necessary.

The Wrestling Is Sometimes Really Good

Brace yourself…Tommy Dillon had a good match! Yes, the perennial punching bag and meat in the ring Dillon, nice bloke that he seems.

He was fighting Remus Caine here, who we saw last week can go and they had a tight, close-fought match. Caine hit a nice power slam and Dillon a sort of helicopter sidewalk slam (looks better than it sounds) and a tough suplex too. I’m as surprised as anyone.

Leave it to the youthful flippers Cliff Harrison versus Billy O’Keefe. Cliff fought man-mountain Mustafa Khan last week and actually got some offense on the way to the win by DQ. Harrison hit an excellently executed backbreaker, which O’Keefe answered with a nice enzuguri and then Billy did something a bit special. A hammerlock clothesline. Looked nasty and was lovely.

Billy O'Keefe v Cliff Harrison on UKW
Credit: Screenshot from the show

And Now Just To End, Some More Bad Stuff…

It’s like a reverse sh*t sandwich. There were some issues here;

Hokey Stuff: 6 matches here went to DQs or Did Not Start. That’s a lot. And that’s because of angles, stuff thrown in to make it look wacky and stand out. Love a bit of that, just look at my reviews of Memphis Wrestling, but this was just too much. Come on, UKW. And the less mention of the Jester Jayrow Lewis versus Burrito match the better.

The Start: We begin with Hunter Elcarus. Or, I’m reliably informed, El.Car.Us. He was out again, incanting in public; naughty boy. And then he left. I’m again reliably informed that there was some gubbins about a possessed doll and JPR. Or am I thinking of Annabelle?

Hunter El.Car.Us on UKW
Credit: Screenshot from the show

The End: A potentially excellent match between Alfieeeee(e)eeee and my pick for Sports Obsessive female wrestler of the year Leonie Rose was sacrificed on the altar of swerve. Rose showed her power alright, she brutalized her opponent, leaving us to watch the Women’s champ being helped to the back.

Leonie Rose baits the crowd
Credit: Screenshot from the show

Downbeat endings do not great TV shows make.

Can We At Least Have Some Good News To Finish?

Oh, go on then. UKW is aspirational. They have forward momentum. And they challenge themselves. Sometimes this British Wrestling promotion comes up short. But they just do it again. And I’m reliably informed that the Saturday event was rather good. I’m advised to keep faith with UKW. No problem with that at all.

Written by Steve Swift

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