Reality Of Wrestling: Christmas Chaos Part Three

Where Did Two Go?

Credit; screenshot from the show

I missed Reality Of Wrestling: Christmas Chaos Part Two, I admit. So much wrestling to watch. And that’s a shame because Reality Of Wrestling has developed since I watched it a few years ago. ‘Booker T’s promotion has a clear picture, good characters, and some very cool matches. Christmas Chaos Part One was very good to watch, part three was no different.

Rule Of Three

It works in-jokes. Don’t ask me why, it just does. So the third part of Reality Of Wrestling Christmas Chaos should be the last. And it is. Two matches here. One for the heavyweight title. But first, the Texas title.

Jay Alexander v Ayden Christiano

Blimey, these are big blokes. And they went for it too. This was fast and rather hard-hitting.

Alexander and Christiano on Reality Of Wrestling
Credit; screenshot from the show

The crowd was out for Alexander, even for a standing bow & arrow, but Christiano had a strong lariat. Alexander wasn’t to be denied though, even after an outsider distraction and he hit a pop-up powerbomb for the pin. A strong, clear, impressive start.

It’s A Big Deal

The Legion has broken up. Well, had an altercation. They’re apparently Time Served Tag Team Types in Reality Of Wrestling and the commentary team is quite emotional about it. There was a storm off, but I’m not convinced they’ve split up. And I don’t even know ’em.

It’s main event time!

Will Allday v Cameron Cole

For the Reality Of Wrestling heavyweight title, which Allday holds. And no DQ. And a Street Fight. And Falls Count Anywhere.

Will Allday Reality Of Wrestling
Credit; screenshot from the show

It didn’t travel far but it was very enjoyable. Until the end. Allday threw his weapon of choice away to start, Cole followed suit and they wrestled, arm drags and the like. When they went out into the seating area, nothing ensued, bar throwing each other over guardrails. Until Allday got a trashcan in his face when running the ropes and hammered the same trashcan whilst it was on Cole’s head.

Allday & Coleon Reality Of Wrestling
Credit; screenshot from the show

The move of the match? Sounds simple, but it was an Allday suicide dive through second and third ropes carrying the kendo stick. So much could go wrong. Nothing did. But there were also traded codebreakers, one from over the rope, one from off the top, and Cole pulled out the champ’s patented dropkick/superkick finished and then a Panama sunrise/destroyer for rather a long two count. Funnily enough.

Allday & Cole
Credit; screenshot from the show

Cole also got along two from a rolling neck breaker which wouldn’t stop rolling but Allday showed his quality with a fully extended moonsault to the outside. Things were building well. And then enter the Mysterious Q, winner of a match at Christmas Chaos to make him #1 contender for the Reality Of Wrestling title, who laid them both out and then chose Allday to give the pin to.


What a shame and what an anticlimactic way to end your Christmas event. Allday and Cole had turned something special on too and a clean winner was the least they should have expected. Oh well, tinkering is a wrestling staple and these two matches did look good. What’s more, the whole thing looked special. Like it could compete. That’s perhaps the best Christmas pressie Reality Of Wrestling can give themselves.

Written by Steve Swift

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