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Lemons = Lemonade

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I do like a bit of Futureshock Wrestling. I saw it in the early years and then took a long pause. But after pandemic pause, I’ve been to all the events.

It’s down the road from me, it has a warm feeling and I’m now getting to love some of the roster. The wrestling ain’t bad either.

Tonight though? WWE is down the road in Liverpool. And the room isn’t completely full. Linked? Probably.

As well as that, we don’t have the heavyweight champ Deadly Damon Leigh here. That’s a shame because his heel turn at the last event really shocked me. We don’t have JJ Webb, Adrenaline Champion, either. His mate Dannny Proper is here, but on commentary.

Never mind, we have the main event. That will be the Coach Sam Bailey, a man with so much charisma and the best screams outside of a Private Party match, versus a wrestler so stiff he may have adamantium bones, Chris Ridgeway. Imagine how many screams we’ll have!

Except Chris is injured. So after Bailey came out to call him a coward, the newest member of North West Strong, Joe Kessler, took up the fight. That’s OK, it might still be a bit special, they can both go.

Right then, Futureshock Wrestling, let’s get off and running!

Oh, before we do, the Futureshock tournament was decided at the 2pm show. Lachlan Sharpe, he of the mullet that isn’t really one, won it.

And the women’s title was decided earlier too, Taonga, so popular in this promotion, won. So no title changes tonight then.

OK, OK, I can cope. Let’s get going…

Chris Egan v Declan Mccarthy

Good to hype up the crowd by bringing out an absolute favourite. Chris Egan has a lovely ginger beard, a lamé catsuit and reminds me of Catweazle from 1970’s Brit wrestling days – that’s a good thing, don’t write in.

Last time out, McCarthy seemed unsure what his appeal was. He knew now. Heel. He has an old skool approach and a sneer that’s been forced onto his face by too many cold mornings.

And they had rather a nice starter, Egan hit a nice springboard armdrag but Mccarthy just lifted him and slammed him into the ropes – nasty. He followed it up with a meaty forearm and speedy dragon screw, then a fisherman release throw.

McCarthy was showing his skill here and none more so than the lovely segue from spinebuster to cloverleaf, so smooth a gameshow host should be performing it.

But Egan was so over that after a nice missile dropkick, even a kip up got a cheer. And then he secured the pin with the nicest brainbuster I have ever seen, almost laying McCarthy to the mat.

Nice opener, plenty of energy and the newbie given plenty to do.

The Models
Credit: Futureshock Facebook

The Presentation

There’s the Futureshock Wrestling tournament trophy! It looked a bit like the Jules Rimet, but only in design.

Here’s Lachlan, happy and sweet in interview, his family came over from Australia to watch him wrestle; all was lovely.

When his final opponent Keinan Krishna came out there wasn’t animosity. No, he just wants the first shot at the title when Lachlan beats Deadly Damon Leigh with his one shot. Getting ahead of yourself a bit there…

The animosity was provided by Rizwan Khan who has a lovely tough exterior and arrogance heels must possess. He wanted a piece of the Tournanent winner, but his mate Keinan won’t allow it. He tasted microphone for his troubles and the fight was on.

Khan v Krisha

I Iike Keinan. I really do. He has great energy. It’s just that sometimes I want a little grit and Khan provides that.

Krishna started out strongly though, a sweet ‘rana and one of those tilt a whirl armbreakers many are now doing.

He also flew about 10 feet when Khan hit a release belly to back and took a very nasty looking tumble over the ringpost to the outside.

And one of the roving cameramen got a little too close to the action and lost his camera amidst the 2 combatants, the look on his face was ‘I could just reach in…’ don’t do it mate!

Back in the ring Khan hit a lovely tilt a whirl throw but lost out to an armbar and I reckon his feet were all over those ropes.

A good, fast paced and pretty stiff match. Khan had a good attitude in the ring too.

Talking of attitude…

Taonga v Harley Hudson

Harley is a newcomer to Futureshock Wrestling. She’s from Liverpool and wanted us to know it. Which prompted chants around the usual things that went out in the 80’s, Liverpool = thieving, Liverpool = cheating, you know the thing. Harley leaned into it and gave it back.

Now, Taonga is the newly crowned Futureshock Wrestling Women’s Champion, only a few hours crowned actually and she’s so over. I don’t really know why.

She’s conventionally good looking you could say, she has a sunny demeanor which belies her ‘Diva’ nickname and she has some moves.

It’s just that so do lots of others.

And Harley took most of the work in this match, although Taonga tried a pin from a faceplant and a cattle mutilation which you have to admire, Harley scooted out.

Hudson then dominated for a while, a nasty leg snap and lock, fisherman suplex throw and pumphandle slam for a long 2.

But Toanga got the crowd pleasing pin with her 2nd, and much better applied, cattle mutilation.

Really enjoyable tussle this, Taonga gave the fans what they wanted, but Harley Hudson is one to watch.


Time for a masked glass of coke. The coke wasn’t masked, it was…you get the picture. And when we return, one of the matches of the night.

Lana Austin & Jennie B v KT Hawkins & Kelly Van Ness

KT Hawkins was really popular tonight. Lana Austin was hated. She has great heel heat and knows what to do with it. She dominated the match here.

KT and Jennie worked well early on though, a Russian leg sweep and low lariat for the former, a smooth neckbreaker for the latter.

And then Van Ness, who has a ska gimmick which not many would do, hit a stepup inzegueri, which isn’t often seen these days either.

And then Austin took over with a lovely lungblower from the corner, a snap suplex, leading to a brutal belly to back suplex from Jennie, followed by a nasty double team suplex and an answer from Van Ness with a powerful spear.

The crowd were really into this and they had every right to be, what with a KT black hole slam, Van Ness octopus and a brutal Austin powerbomb from an electric chair.

The ending came with nefarious tag team distractions and that lovey Lana Austin draping DDT. Hot match, story told, well done.

The Models

Ah, the models, Joey Hayes and Danny Hope, who joined with DDL to form the Originals last time out. As I wrote in my last Futureshock Wrestling piece, this made me mark out, I couldn’t be happier about the possibilities in this team.

So I was disappointed when DDL didn’t appear, but at least we had an Open Challenge to look forward to. Not too much work for Danny though, he looked like he couldn’t use his left arm.

So who came out?

The Models v Chris Egan & Big Guns Joe

Chris Egan? Pulling double duty? Perhaps there weren’t that many in the back. He’s popular though. And there was an even bigger pop for Big Guns Joe, who played it to the hilt.

These 4 proceeded to have one of the best matches of the night. And ‘he’s big, he’s bad, he’s bodyslam your dad’ is the best chant of the night.

Early on Hayes used his ring smarts to stay away from Joe’s power, the Models used their double teaming skills too, Hope working well with one arm.

And then in the move of the night, Joe tried for a boston crab on one Model, didn’t get it so just synched in a boston on both of them!

Big Guns Joe
Credit: Pro Wrestling Fandom

After the ref was pulled out of the ring to foil a hot Joe pin, Egan used a tag team belt on Hope and chalked up a long 2 count.

The crowd were getting febrile, but are virtually on their feet when Egan walks into a 3D and kicked out at 2 and a heartbeat.

It was Egan’s fault really. Joe had them on the run, but he made him stop because he wanted to be involved in the pin, giving the Models time to regroup and hit the final 3D.

What a great piece of work, a match cranked up to the near falls, we knew the Models would win really but Egan and Joe made us think they might not. Fabulous.

Hope wanted to go back to the dressing room, but Hayes convinced him to stay. Good job really as Sinergy hit the ring and made their claim for the titles.

It will be a good match, but mainly because of the Models; Sinergy are very well liked, but they have a beefy bloke US style with not much else behind it.

They look good though and they are set to be Futureshock Wrestling tag champs. Or frustrated by the Models at every turn. That would work…

Sam Bailey v Joe Kessler

The main event. And unfortunately not quite living up to the match before.

They worked really hard, seemed to be calling it on the fly and Bailey did get some nice screams out.

Kessler’s work was meaty, you can see why he’s an interesting fit for North West Strong. He hit a brainbuster but Bailey came back with a slingshot double stomp and then the ref visited them both.

Was he telling them to go home, to take it to the end?

After Kessler hit a nasty choke slam, Bailey busted out a rather excellent package piledriver for the pin.

It wasn’t a barn burner. But it brought Kessler along. And in Bailey, they have a walking ball of charisma who could be something special in the next year.

Go on, Futureshock, run with it.

So it wasn’t chock full of champs. And no belts changed hands. But it was a show with 2 stunning matches and no stinkers. And the crowd are so hot they should have fire insurance.

See you on the second row in February.

Written by Steve Swift

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