Coastal Championship Wrestling

: The Coast With The Most?

Credit: still from the programme

CCW. Coastal Championship Wrestling. Out of South Florida. Catch them on YouTube. Why?

The presentation is slightly different.
They have good guests.
There are good matches more often than not.
Bill Alfonso works there.

Tell Me More

OK then. Are you settled?
Let me put my smoking jacket on. That’s better.
Got a drink? Ah, on the malt, I see.
Yes, Ovaltine is lovely.

Right then. Coastal Championship Wrestling is worth your time. It’s usually just half an hour, or even 20 minutes, per program, so there aren’t many downs.

What Do You Get?

Well, you get good design. Sounds odd, but it’s a great idea. You get a big grey block on the screen with red text for the info you might need, plus some good fun writing which just isn’t there usually in wrestling progs.

You get an industrial setting. Sometimes this is at the Unbranded Brewing Company from the Bash At The Brew special event, a big warehouse-type space with hyped-up fans or a smaller basic brick room with hyped-up fans. There are always hyped-up fans. I watched an IWA Mid South event recently and enjoyed it, but as wrestlers were walking to the back spent, bloody, bruised and what did I see?

Audience members on their phones. That doesn’t really happen in CCW. The crowd is engaged.


Coastal Championship Wrestling gives them a combo of matches. Technical lock-ups, stip matches, feud blow-offs, barn burning battles, and we get to see them too.

Did You Mention Bill Alfonso?

Yes, ECW alumnus Fonzie is here, whistle firmly between his teeth (which looks to have had an extensive polish job. Not spit and polish, that wouldn’t be appropriate).

He helps, looks after, and guides the tag team champs, the South American Alliance. Big man Vinicious, who sports a mask very reminiscent of Vader, and smaller but still hard as nails Ariel Levy.

Vinicious from Costal Championship Wrestling

They’ve had some big battles over the last few months, but always come out on top. And good to see Bill still making waves.

What’s The Skinny Then?

CCW has been going for 17 years. That’s amazing for a regional promotion, and they look like they’ve got a ton of events coming up with guests including Impact World Champion Moose and AEW Stars Brian Cage and QT Marshall.

Perhaps their most popular hombre is Panama-hatted dancing machine Cha Cha Charlie, but Jackal Stevens has the Southeastern Championship belt and usually puts on a technical match with some charisma behind it. Chris Farrow is the Cruiserweight Champion but hasn’t featured on many YouTube progs.

Coastal Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champ is the nasty, tough, but acrobatic El Jefe Santos and they have a Woman’s Champion too, Marina Tucker. Their women’s picture is good as well, but more of that in a minute.

Any Downsides?

It does tend to leap about in time, so there can be October action, and next week they might feature an event from August, which makes it difficult to pick up viewing momentum. They definitely need to look at this, as it would put so many more eyes on the product.

You’ll see adverts during the program, but only once and It’s hardly as jarring as Ice-T’s ‘Hey Everyone’ over and over again on ROH TV. And sometimes the announcers are too quiet. Or commentary is distortedly loud. The music can be hard on the ears too.

I suppose what I’m saying is that there are sound issues. But they don’t last long and the wrestling quality soon banishes thoughts.

Examples Of Action?

Well, this week we had one match. After shenanigans, it got about 11 minutes of the 18.

Anna Diaz v Kilynn King v Tiffany Nieves

Kilynn King from Costal Championship Wrestling

Bianca Carelli, who just happens to be Santino Marella’s daughter, tells us before the match that she is disappointed not to be wrestling as she knows people want to see her, but she will be there during the match. She’s on commentary, so as good as her word.

It wasn’t that easy to hear her, remember that stuff I said about mics earlier?

King has been on AEW Dark recently and WrestleJoy gave us a recent rundown of her in GCW and other feds. Tiffany Nieves, on the other hand, has been a CCW original, travelling from announcing to a Leila Grey feud to working with King on AEW Dark. Oh, and Diaz recently had an opportunity to dethrone NWA Women’s champ Kamille.

This promised to be something good.

Early on we had a triple test of strength, Nieves hitting a smart Snap Mare and a Dropkick. King then surpassed that by getting a nice noise out of some Knife-Edge Chops, easy to get a slap out of a palm strike, much harder with the edge of the hand. She then Suplexed Neives onto Diaz, just to put the exclamation point on it. The best spot of the match came when King had Diaz in a Crossface and Nieves, keen to get in on the act, grabbed a headlock on King; nicely applied all around.

By this time Diaz, who had seen some thumbs down when she came through the curtain, heard her name chanted after a Matrix-like back bend and some hard chops. King took control of the work with a sweet Facebuster to Nieves and after roll-ups were traded, delivered a Pump Handle Slam for a two-count on Diaz.

You’d expect Carelli to fancy a closer look at the action wouldn’t you? She pulled Nieves off the apron and kept her involved which left the ring clear for that old faithful, the Facebuster, for a King pin. And she became the No.1 contender for the title. Just like that. Well, after an energetic, exciting, well paced match anyway.


CCW are on a run. This is the 6th or 7th programme with good matches, that’s hard to do for a wrestling promotion. Have a look at Coastal Championship Wrestling, on YouTube they’re certainly not coasting at the moment..

Written by Steve Swift

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