Coastal Championship Wrestling: 7 Weeks And Counting

Credit: Screenshot from the show

Coastal Championship Wrestling has only gone and done it again. Another week, another great Coastal Championship Wrestling week. Two matches. Both fabulous for different reasons.

Reason 1: Brutality

Ariel Levy v Pedro Pablo

Sounds fine. In a Santiago Street Fight. What? Santiago? What fiendish Street Fights do they have there, Coastal Championship Wrestling? Do the streets run with blood after? Oh, it’s like a normal wrestling Street Fight. But these 2 combatants are both Chilean, so there’s honor at stake! Now you’re talking!

And there are no rules! Except for the ref who’s there to count the pinfall. But apart from that, no rules! It may sound like I’m denigrating Coastal Championship Wrestling, but I’m just funning. This was good. Sometimes, very good.

Pedro Pablo from Coastal Championship Wrestling
Credit; screenshot from the show

You see, they kept it in and around the ring. There was no brawling in the back of the Coastal Championship Wrestling performance center (or somesuch), throwing each other into doors, then leading each other through the car park into the street and into the nearest shop – ‘he’s buying mandarin oranges, what a despicable human being’.

No, this had tightness. Early on it became the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year as Levy found a decoration, smacked Pablo with a plastic Christmas tree, and then jammed a Santa hat with legs over his head; happy holidays.

Pablo gave Ariel a pressie too, a suplex on the wooden walkway, and then to welcome his opponent as he dived back into the ring over years top, a monitor to the face. Just what I wanted! Now, a Levy ladder is in. Not a grown-up ladder. A baby ladder. Why? So he can execute a cutter off it. But if you bring it in, make sure you control it.

Pedro Pablo
Credit; screenshot from the show

You don’t want to be sat in the corner with the ladder in your lap as Pablo moonsault’s towards you. Or in that position when Levy coast to coasts. Ariel! For me? You shouldn’t have! There are some shenanigans here. A big bloke, not introduced, comes out at apparently Pablo’s request which brings our Levy’s South American Alliance tag partner Vinicious, an even bigger bloke, to deal with him.

Credit; screenshot from the show

And you know what? Levy got the pin with that coast to coast, but not before a Pablo death valley driver on the apron and a Levy powerbomb through a setup door. And Jackal Stevens on commentary was good value too. This stayed where we could see it, had others involved who were then dealt with and had a definitive finish.

Well, Coastal Championship Wrestling; how novel!

Reason 2: Wrestling

Kamille v Christi Jaynes

This was for the NWA Women’s Championship, but Kamille is the Brickhouse (‘She’s mighty, mighty…’; ah the Commodores before they went all ‘3 Times A Lady’…) so it wouldn’t be easy. But Jaynes is on a Coastal Championship Wrestling roll. Maybe not a roll-up though.

She had a good effect early on though, in fact, Kamille bailed. So she went back to the side slam twice and then cranked on the head and a huge spinebuster for a 2 count. But Kamille lifted Jaynes and bashed her into the buckle before using the bounce to powerslam her to the mat.

Kamille v Jaynes
Credit; screenshot from the show

It did look like the Brickhouse was getting it done, but not yet. They traded chops and Kamille sold hers beautifully. There was pain of course, but also shock and outrage, perhaps that her opponent could have the audacity to slap her and also surprise it hurt so damn much. Christi chose a sort of crossface for the tap attempt. It didn’t work so she tried it again. It didn’t seem great and it didn’t succeed.

Jaynes & Kamille
Credit; screenshot from the show

Nope, Kamille lifted her on the shoulders, planted her with a victory roll, and then hit the spear for an expected pin. That was competitive, Jaynes did such good work. It wasn’t a Big v Small matchup and that is something special. They traded moves, it was never knock down and drag out but it was very enjoyable.

Sounds Simple

It isn’t. Why does Coastal ChampionshipWrestling work? Because they offer chunks of excellence. Because they put matches together which mean something or clash with each other. And because they’re good.

Hard to do. Wonderful to achieve

Written by Steve Swift

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