Coastal Championship Wrestling : Two Great Offers

Credit: Screenshot from the show

Yes, a 2 for one. Not a Buy One Get One Free, Coastal Championship Wrestling are asking to watch it for free and then get exactly what you want.


So, 2 different flavours of matches. Only 2 matches. That’s all you need when you make a distinct difference. And Coastal Championship Wrestling do just that.

1. An actual tough as leather wrestling match
2. An wrestling entertainment match with characters pushed up

That sounds delightful, doesn’t it? And it was.

Credit; screenshot from the show

The Actual Tough As Leather One

Ricky Marvin v Steve Beck

Marvin is only 26, but he’s been around alright, even being trained by Misawa. Beck? He enters to AHA’s ‘Take On Me’ so you know he’s fun – 4 years into his career, trained at Coastal Championship Wrestling and ready to go.

Ricky Marvin
Credit; Super Luchas

Early on Marvin rather took it to Beck, including tying his arm up in the ropes and pulling his hair, laying back with his foot in the crook of Beck’s knee then pulling on the foot, hitting a big DDT and, nastiest of all, a head scissors turned over and Beck’s head smacked into the mat repeatedly.

It wasn’t all one way, Beck hit a big back suplex but was powerless to the worldly, wily Marvin machinations.

You see, he grabbed hold of the ref to distract, then kicked back to Beck’s soft parts and soon secured the pin.

Smarts, see? Good match too and Marvin is one to watch.

The Wrestling Entertainment One

Thom Latimer v Cha Cha Charlie

NWA’s Thom was all business. He didnt like the dancing. So the Coastal Championship Wrestling dancing machine Cha Cha wasn’t going to make them best friends. And Charlie got into his head courtesy of hip wiggling and punch avoiding.

Thom Latimer

He couldn’t avoid those big Latimer right hands though, which backed him up. Tom thought he was on a roll, so he decided to pick up the hat.

Cha Cha’s hat. The hat that gives his power, the brim that brings brutality. No one touches the sombrero and lives! Oh, actually, just checked and loads do…

Anyway that nasty Latimer wanted to destroy the hat. He decided to elbow drop it. It’s hardly Earthquake with Damian…

…and the hat was snatched away. Thom sold it as if there was no water in the pool, writhing about. But…the hat is thin…so it wouldn’t offer much protection…

Never mind that, this Coastal Championship Wrestling stuff is fun!

It is. The voice in my head it right. And not speaking with a Canadian accent today.

Now, when Cha Cha pulled the kilt Thom is wearing and spanked him, the fun increased, ooh, two fold…see, two…oh, forget it.

Cha Cha Charlie prepares to spank
Credit; screenshot from the show

So Thom took his belt off and choked him with it. He doesn’t like to be funned.

Thom had had enough of this nonsense as we fully expected him to and clocked the ref for a DQ.

After he saw Cha Cha no sell several heads to the buckle. Well, when someone Hulks up, you know where it’s going.

And there you go. Coastal Championship Wrestling deliver again. A bit of comedy and some character work, crowd loved it and I rather enjoyed it too.

Sounds So Easy

Doesn’t it? And it should be, but it often isn’t in wrestling.

CCW offer quality. Regularly. That’s unsual for wrestling promotions too.

Is this seven weeks and counting for excellent entertainment? Coastal Championship Wrestling are on a very good run…

Written by Steve Swift

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