CCW: The Quality Continues

Credit: Screenshot from the show

Over the last 5 weeks or so of their TV show, CCW, that’s Coastal Championship Wrestling, have delivered matches that have been something special. They don’t outstay their welcome; they offer two matches usually or maybe even one when Brian Cage is working. Those matches are great to watch.

Last week Gangrel appeared after many years out of a CCW ring. Fans loved it. He’s in the organization. But it wasn’t good. Against Johnny Knockout it was slow. And a bit clunky. Nothing against those two at all, but it didn’t thrill me. It was a blip. This week was fab. it was called Trial By Fire, from Port St Lucie and it had two really good matches.

Bianca Carelli v Christi Jaynes

Handily, the box of grey text informed us that these two ranked 3rd and 4th in the pecking order for the Marina Tucker’s Women’s Championship belt.

Bianca Carelli and Christi Jaynes on the outside on CCW
Credit; screenshot from the show

And they worked the match as if it meant something. Jaynes took Carelli down on a tough headlock, but Carelli came back with a clothesline and then rag-dolled Bianca through the ropes – nasty and disrespectful, nicely done! Carelli continued the attack with a belly-to-back suplex for a near 2 and she liked it so much she went for another, with the same outcome.

In the end, though, Jaynes rolled her up in a rather ungainly way, prompting the ‘it wasn’t pretty’ line from the commentary team, for the pin. Was shaping up to be a bit special that, despite no filming close-ups. I could have seen 10 more minutes and I don’t often say that.

El Hefe Santos v Jake Tucker v Agony

This 3 way, with no DQ or count-out, we’re told halfway through, is for Santos’ Heavyweight Championship. But hang on, CCW was pushing Santos versus very popular Cha Cha Charlie for the title at Bash At The Brew XI. So he can’t lose here. Can he?

It was a testament to all the combatants that at times I thought he could. As said, ”Mother Lover” Jake Tucker is your mother’s hero.’ He is but don’t that make you overlook his wrestling acumen.

'The Mother Lover' Jake Tucker in CCW
Credit; screenshot from the show

Agony is a very big dude, so what happened early on the outside made perfect sense. He was stopped from throwing ring steps onto The Mother Lover’, he and Santos then worked together to sandwich Agony between 2 sets of ring steps, threw the steps onto his prone body, and finished the job by covering that with chairs. And that was Agony done.

Except it never is…

Agony Is The Meat In A Steel Sandwich on CCW
Credit; screenshot from the show

Back in the ring, Tucker and Santos proceeded to turn out some excellent work.


A lovely Santos standing dropkick for a 2 count

A Tucker vertical suplex into a chin lock

Santos muscling the smaller man up for a brutal powerbomb

The answer from Tucker with a sweet DDT

Tucker & Santos
Credit; screenshot from the show

Agony made his entrance after powering out from beneath conveyances of comfort and immediately choke slammed Tucker onto the champ, really tough to lift and twist a big load (and I should know) but he managed it beautifully.

Not happy with that, Santos hit a slingshot cutter and Tucker finished it off with a FameAsser for a dangerously long 2. Whatchoo doing here, Cha Cha Charlie? Protecting his investment, as he distracts Tucker for Santos to hit the gutbuster to retain.

What a match. Storytelling. Moves. Passion. And Bill Alfonso on commentary! Fonzie was keen, knowledgeable, and didn’t half big up Jake Tucker; is this a management wish? Despite the somewhat hokey finish, a really special match.


Cha-Cha Charlie is a face. The crowds love him. So why he had to play a dick move like taking Santos’ belt, holding it up then throwing it back at him, I’ll never know. There’s enough hype on the match Charlie, just dance a but. Oh yeah, that’s the stuff.

Santos is a tweener. He is afforded respect. That was burnished when he refused to enter into the mind games, just took his belt and left. It set it off nicely, a clash which had been a long time coming, Championship versus most popular – that’s time-honored in wrestling.

CCW Did It Again?

They did. 2 matches in 30 mins. We didn’t need anymore. Make ’em good, send us away happy.

I am very happy. They call CCW the occasional postman. Guess why.

Written by Steve Swift

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