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Warrior Wrestling Greatest Matches Review—March 24th

After a week off, Warrior Wrestling returns with their immensely enjoyable YouTube show, Greatest Matches. This week, we get Brian Cage in action against NXT UK’s Ben Carter, a Lucha Libre showdown and a Chicago Street Fight between Brian Pillman Jr and Bully Ray.

There’s no time to waste so let’s get straight to the action!

Templario vs. Soberano Jr (Warrior Wrestling 6)

I’ve not come across either man before but that’s not a bad thing—it’s always good to be able to discover wrestler’s I’ve not come across before. Here, Soberano Jr was the Mexican National Welterweight champion and a quick Google search reveals he still is; in fact, he’s held the title since May 12th, 2017, which is a pretty impressive feat in this day and age.

Templario is the bigger of the two men and although he is incredibly agile for a man his size, his power was his biggest asset here, catching Soberano mid-dive on the outside and power bombing him into the apron. He also caught him twice in the ring (the first time from the second turnbuckle) nailing Soberano Jr with two massive sit-down powerbombs. The fact that he could also dive over the top rope was the icing on the cake.

Soberano Jr, meanwhile, was just a little concentrated fireball of energy, throwing himself at Templario with incredible skill and precision. One of my favourite moments saw Templario kicked up into a sitting position on the second rope, only for Soberano to nail a springboard moonsault onto him on the ropes! He was also able to nail several impressive dives and hurricaranas as the match progressed.

In the end, two sit-down tombstones by Soberano Jr were able to seal the deal. What a great match! I thoroughly enjoyed that. I’ll certainly be going on the hunt later for more from both men, that’s for sure.

Brian Cage vs. Benjamin Carter (Stadium Series 1)

This took place just before Ben Carter went to NXT UK, while commentary indicates Brian Cage was already a part of Team Taz with Ricky Starks in AEW by this part. I love these outdoor matches in the stadium. Aesthetically, they just look so different and so cool, especially with the football goal in the background.

Well, this was an interesting clash of sizes. Cage is much bigger, but where you’d expect Carter to have the speed advantage, and he is faster here, Cage can still move with incredible speed his size. Still, power was the name of the game for Cage here. Starting off by catching Carter during a spinning DDT attempt, he proceeded to nail him with a double underhook suplex and proceeded to demolish Carter from there. Cage took Carter to the outside and threw him around on the football field, although Carter was able to send Cage into the ring post a couple of times.

Back in the ring, Cage continued to bully Carter but the young Brit was able to get some offence in and as the pace quickened, the advantage fell increasingly into Carter’s court. The speed with which Benjamin Carter mover here was incredible as he nailed everything from a big frog splash to a beautiful spinning dive. He couldn’t keep Cage down though. A standing shooting star press, for example, saw Carter land on Cage only for Cage to pick him up from a horizontal position and crunch Carter with a spinning slam! In the end, it was that difference in power that earned Cage the win as he nailed Carter with a sick reverse piledriver for the three count.

This was a great match. Cage really seems to come into his element when he wrestles at Warrior Wrestling and Carter’s speed is something to behold. Check this match out.

Chicago Street Fight: Brian Pillman Jr vs. Bully Ray (Warrior Wrestling 8)

There was a great story to this one. Apparently, once the match was announced, the two competitors got into a social media fight that made the situation all the more heated. We got to see a social media promo from each competitor before the match, with Pillman Jr claiming he had dealt with bullies all his life and he wasn’t going to let Bully Ray trample all over him. Bully Ray meanwhile, in an incredible moment of heel nastiness, evoked Pillman Jr’s late father and said that ‘The Loose Cannon’ had been a d**k to him while at ECW and that, as he hadn’t been able to give Pillman Sr a receipt, he’d have to take it out on Pillman Jr instead. This was a little masterclass in heel heat; Bully Ray spoke like he believed 100% in what he was saying, as all heels should. It just made what he was saying all the wilder.

Cut to the match and Bully Ray got on the mic to start, stating that they could have had a nice wrestling match but Pillman Jr had to run his mouth on social media so now it was going to be a fight. And what kind of fight do you have in Chicago? The crowd helpfully obliged in shouting “A CHICAGO STREET FIGHT!” and we were on.

Pillman Jr started at a brisk pace, pounding Bully Ray from corner to corner and actually bloodying his nose to the outside. Pillman nicely evoked his father by nailing a springboard crossbody to the floor (and later a clothesline over the top rope onto Bully in the ring). Bully turned things around by beating on Pillman with a broom and sending him into the guard rail. Back in the ring, he laid into Pillman with some steel chair shots to the back. Pillman Jr gutsily stood up, put his hands behind his back and told Bully Ray to forget the man upstairs and nail him in the head with the chair.

So, Bully did the only thing he could…he nailed Pillman Jr in the balls instead. The swine! Bully set a table up in the corner but Pillman Jr took him down with some chair shots of his own to the back which, if I’m being honest, were noticeably weak. Not that I want them to kill each other but still… Maybe if Pillman Jr had hit him harder with the chair shots, Bully might not have been able to powerbomb him through the table to win the match.

Afterward, Bully got on the mic again and, in a jaw-dropping moment, claimed Pillman Jr was not nearly as successful as his dad, or Bully, or the wrestlers that had come before him. But, Bully conceded, Pillman had guts. So if he could stand up on his own two feet, he would shake Pillman’s hand. Fair play to him, Pillman Jr did just that. It might not have been a great street fight, but it sure was excellent storytelling.

Final Thoughts

This was probably my favourite episode of Warrior Wrestling’s Greatest Matches yet. All three matches were extremely entertaining and each offered something different, from Lucha Libre to a David and Goliath encounter to great storytelling. It only further goes to entrench Warrior Wrestling’s reputation as one of the best indie promotions around.


Written by Chris Flackett

Wrestling obsessed since '91. Lived through the Monday Night Wars and is still here to tell the tale. Major fan of Strong Style, technical and Super Jr. Wrestling, as well as big versatile hosses smacking the hell out of each other. Lives in Manchester, England.

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