William Regal: The Wrestling World Reacts

William Regal was released yesterday from his WWE/NXT contract, in a move that sent even more shockwaves through a company that is still reeling from the departure of such high-profile names as Bray Wyatt and Toni Storm. William Regal was just one of several people let go – the full list of which you can read right here – in a move that seems to suggest that anyone associated with Triple H’s old Black and Gold brand is no longer welcome at NXT 2.0.

Considering how long he’s been at the company – and how well respected and loved he is backstage – William Regal’s termination has seen a literal who’s who of wrestlers take to social media to express their admiration for the man, as well as their shock at William Regal no longer being part of the WWE family.

Sasha Banks said;

There would be no Sasha Banks if it wasn’t for @RealKingRegal …Thank you for giving me a chance and believing in me.”

While Becky Lynch added;

Eternally grateful that Regal gave me a chance when I was nothing. I owe so much to him.”
Kevin Owens also added his own tribute, stating;
I truly can’t overstate this: There is no chance I would be where I am today without William Regal. I’m so grateful for his advice and guidance throughout the years. An absolute example of what I aspire to be when my time as an active performer in the ring is done.”
As did Johnny Gargano;
If it wasn’t for William Regal a lot of your favorite guys wouldn’t be on television. He got so many of us “indie guys” an opportunity. He will never take credit for that, but he deserves his flowers for helping and molding this generation of wrestlers.”
While Edge paid this tribute to his friend;
@RealKingRegal is a man I hold the utmost respect for. A dear friend who always, without fail, makes me smile, and what better gift? He also made me a better, tougher performer and pulled me out of my comfort zone and pushed me to new heights. He’s a real man(s) man.”
Mick Foley seemed stunned at the news, tweeting;

WILLIAM REGAL? WTF? Whoever hires @RealKingRegal will be fortunate for doing so.”

And the Blue Meanie agreed;

William Regal is an asset to whoever hires him next. I’m shocked.”
No one seems to know what’s really happening within the WWE currently, but if the rumors are to be believed that there is a power struggle for the throne between Hunter/Stephanie and Nick Khan, then I think it’s safe to say that Khan has won as he releases more and more of Triple H’s guys and girls.
As for William Regal, I have no doubt, no doubt at all, that as soon as the news of his release reached the eyes/ears of Tony Khan and Cody Rhodes that they were on the phone to him, offering a role as a producer with AEW. Regal is a legend in the business and was as important to NXT as Trips ever was, so not bringing him into AEW to work behind the scenes with their own young wrestlers would be insane.
So don’t worry about William Regal, I have a feeling he’ll do alright post WWE.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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