We Need to Talk About Bully Ray

Bully Ray is quite a polarising figure within wrestling, The former Dudley Boy has been known to speak his mind with little concern if people agree with him or not. To a degree this is admirable – I always prefer dealing with people when I know where they stand, so I have no problem with straight shooters – but sometimes Bully Ray opens his mouth and before he’s even finished speaking, you wish someone at Busted Open Radio would just lean across and cut his mic. Thursday morning – my time – was one of those moments.

After Jon Moxley had made his triumphant return to wrestling on this week’s AEW Dynamite, Bully Ray decided to chip in with his two cents on how he felt it went, and it’s safe to say they’ve gone done about as well as a Lesbian Barn Dance at the Westboro Baptist Church.

Bully Ray said the following;

I did enjoy that they started off with Moxley. They came out with a bang, people were ready for it and Moxley said what he needed to say. However, I would have liked to have heard just a little bit of accountability from Jon. I understand the whole demons thing and we always use the word demons as a creative word to get around the real issues. Whether it’s an alcohol issue, whether it’s a drug issue…Everybody has some kind of demon that they have to get around.

We have our demons. These demons got the best of Jon for a time period where he had to step away from AEW. I would have liked to have heard him say a bit of an apology to the AEW fans. You don’t have to apologize to the boys even though the boys do count on you but any one of those guys and gals could have the same problems that you did. And trust me, I came up in an era where a slew of men and women had their demons.”

Yeah, probably not the best thing to say about someone who has had to take time away from the ring to get themselves sober. It has, in fact, seen people jump to Moxley’s defense and call Bully Ray out for being insensitive. Starting with his wife, Renee Paquette, who tweeted out;

Real bad take Bully Ray”

And considering how nice she seems, I’m guessing this is her equivalent of telling him to go f*ck himself. She was also supported by Paige who added;

There’s a reason everyone prefers Devon. What an awful thing to say.”

And even Mick Foley tweeted out;

Jon Moxley doesn’t need to apologize to anyone. Just my opinion.”

Mark Henry was on Busted Open Radio and had this to say;

Jon Moxley, did you see how good he looked? He looked like a million bucks and that is the byproduct of no stress, being healthier, cleaner physically but emotionally healthy. Having someone at home that says, ‘you know what? We love you, you’re forgiven, we just want you to stay here and be happy and healthy.

He didn’t owe anybody an apology. I think the apology was to his wife and baby and immediate family about not being his best self. It’s their job to help him be his best self and I support him 100 percent. I thought that it was awesome that he addressed the crowd and there were no apologies given because there were no apologies needed.”

So, should Bully Ray have kept these thoughts to himself? Yes, of course he should have. Instead of speaking about a situation he has no knowledge of, he should’ve just praised the way they brought Moxley back at the top of the show and moved on. But saying that he owed the fans an apology, well, that’s just f*cking stupid. I’m an AEW fan, and I’m a Jon Moxley fan and Jon Moxley doesn’t owe me s*it. He’s entertained me for well over a decade now, ever since I saw him in CZW’s Tournament Of Death and wondered who the hell this crazy bastard was.

I’ve been a fan no matter if he’s been Jon Moxley or Dean Ambrose, through thick and thin, through stupid gas mask gimmicks to becoming AEW World Champion, no matter where he’s gone, I – and thousands of others – have gone with him. So for Bully Ray to say he owes us an apology is an insult not just to his fans, but to his family and to Jon Moxley himself.

Jon Moxley did what he had to do for those people in his life that he loves, he chose to save himself instead of pissing it all away, and he has no need to apologize for that, no matter what Bully Ray might think.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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