Was The Undertaker’s Retirement Boring?

The Godfather and The Undertaker

Hey everyone, this is Sam with probably a minority opinion. I thought The Undertaker’s retirement was borderline embarrassing and boring. I can’t believe that they didn’t make Survivor Series on November 22nd more about him. The Undertaker gave you 30 years and you can’t give him 3-4 hours? Why not? The Kickoff Show was free on social media, so WWE made a great video tribute to The Undertaker (which we had to sit through at three more times…it wasn’t THAT good), but then they had the panel break down the different matches that night.

WWE didn’t consider allowing Jerry Lawler, Booker T, JBL and others talk and tell a story about The Undertaker. If they didn’t then they need to be kicked. This is what would have gotten many to subscribe. Why couldn’t they bring out Michelle McCool on the preshow? She was there and we never saw her the whole time. Why? You don’t think she has at least one story that fans might want to hear?

Emotional Enough to Remember?

The Undertaker was supposed ended his career with an emotional in-ring segment that would main event the show. That’s what WWE believed it was going to be. Yet, how emotional can it be when you let none of legends you bring out speak? At least Vince McMahon’s voice cracked as he spoke about 2-4 minutes about The Undertaker. Then The Undertaker spoke even less. Of course, I have to admit the hologram of Paul Bearer did get to me. I wasn’t expecting it.

Of course, many believe that it wasn’t as good as it could have been because there weren’t any live fans. You know what? This is what the wrestlers, writers and producers have been dealing with for eight months now. They should know how to write and handle it. Yes, it may have thrown The Undertaker off seeing the virtual fans and the piped in chants, but he didn’t talk so it shouldn’t have. I almost think I will remember other moments better like when he left his boots, hat and gloves in the ring.

The Godfather Believes The Undertaker Deserves Better

The Godfather posted on Instagram a photo of himself and his close friend, The Undertaker. He included other photos with some of the other “legends.” So many fans wrote him. One fan said “the whole farewell was pretty boring. You guys all came to the ring…for what?” Godfather has since agreed with him saying “right.” I’m glad someone agreed with me. They brought all of them to the ring with their entrance music then all of a sudden the “legends” were gone and Vince was alone in the ring.

Another fan said almost the same thing I did. It was asked why would you bring out the legends only to have them do nothing? Godfather explained that he thinks the segment “could’ve been written better.” Well, duh this is what most of us say almost every week. Things can be written a LOT better most weeks. It’s not like this just happened. You’ve known about this for months. However, I do wonder if it was thrown together because of AEW’s 30th Anniversary of Chris Jericho’s career.

Vince and The Deadman

I guess I wanted more from them both. So many say that the Undertaker was created by Vince, but was truly brought alive by Mark Callaway. I would have liked them showing a video package about it. I expected Vince to say so much more about the character, the storylines and the man. Plus I think I wanted to see them both acknowledge the fans that brought The Deadman to legendary status quickly. I hope this is the very last time we see him in the ring. I hope Vince doesn’t trot him out for the next Saudi Arabia shows.

What are your thoughts about the whole Final Farewell? Did you like it or did you find it lacking? Let me know in the comments below.

Written by Samantha Sayre

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