Tony Khan Teases New Signings

Tony Khan recently sat down with DAZN for a chat and the subject of new signings for AEW was brought up. As everyone knows, there are a ton of free agents available at the moment, due to WWE releases and ROH basically going out of business, and there are a lot of top-notch quality wrestlers who are currently without employ, so it is an obvious leap of faith that AEW would be the destination for some of these – such as the former Bray Wyatt, Johnny Gargano, and Kyle O’Reilly – and when Tony Khan was asked about any potential surprises for forthcoming AEW shows, he replied;

I’m more than aware that there’s a number of free agents out there, wrestlers I admire too, but I’ve got to say that you just have to keep watching over these next few weeks and not just Winter is Coming. There’s the Holiday Bash special from Greensboro, North Carolina, that includes the Christmas Day Rampage. We have the last ever episode on TNT, followed by the debut episode on TBS. There’s Battle of the Belts coming in January. I want AEW to run shows that you just can’t miss, and I think these next few weeks are going to be really exciting for fans of wrestling.”

This is promotion 101, hook your fans in with the promise of something special and see them line up for weeks to come, but it should also be noted that Tony Khan will have a fair few tricks up his sleeve in regards to new signings and their debuts. After all, there’s no point in shooting your bolt on just one show, and even though I fully expect Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite: Winter Is Coming to have at least one or two new faces appear on the roster, Tony Khan is savvy enough to make sure the rest are spread out over the next few months.

Whoever shows up you can guarantee that 2022 is shaping up to be the year of Tony Khan and AEW.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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