Tony Khan Has Been Talking To The WWE

Tony Khan has been talking to the WWE, and that isn’t a rumor, but a fact that came straight from the horse’s mouth. Talking to Robbie Fox on his ‘My Mom’s Basement’ YouTube channel,  Tony Khan says the WWE has been in touch with regards to using some of AEW’s talent on forthcoming WWE Network biographies.

Tony Khan said;

They wanted to interview some of the people that wrestle here that used to wrestle there and some people that have had history there or] the other libraries that they own. So, we’ll see. I think I’m open to talking.”

He also admitted that he had no problem dealing with a company many see as a rival, as they had approached him in the right manner, saying;

As long as everything’s classy, and just the way they approached me was very classy. So I have nothing bad to say about that. So, I don’t know if we’ll see that, but I’m considering some of these requests on some of these biographies and it was actually a very nice call I received the other day.”

This wouldn’t be the first time that AEW and the WWE have worked together as Chris Jericho was a guest on The Stone Cold Podcast, a move that would have had to have been sanctioned by Tony Khan for it to have ever happened, and as he stated elsewhere in this interview, he’d be more than happy to have a sit-down talk with Vince McMahon himself, should the opportunity ever arise.

Commenting on his relationship with Eric Bischoff, Tony Khan said;

We haven’t talked in a while, but I probably would, and I probably should talk to Eric Bischoff because we are friends. We have been extremely busy, and I was just surprised by some of the things he said. There are only three big wrestling presidents in my lifetime that have had a big run, and he is one of them, and Vince McMahon is one of them, and now thanks to the great wrestling fans, I became one of them. So right now there is only three of us, and it’s important for us to have a good relationship.”

I love the idea of the heads of two of the biggest wrestling companies in the world and the former head of the defunct biggest wrestling company in the world, sitting down over some protein shakes, after a workout at WWE headquarters, and talking shop. And though it might only be a pipedream, Jericho’s appearance on Austin’s show proves that AEW and the WWE can work together, if they really want to.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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