Thunder Rosa Talks AEW Women’s Division

Thunder Rosa recently appeared on Throwing Down w/ Renee & Miesha, to talk about a whole host of subjects and one that she broached was the AEW Women’s Division, how people perceive it, and where it currently stands in the grand scheme of wrestling.

Thunder Rosa said;

A lot of the women now have been really trying to establish themselves as competitors, as someone who can go with anybody. Even then I feel like there is still a lot of criticism towards it. Everybody is working really hard to make the division better and we’re definitely getting a lot more veterans into our division. It’s making things a lot easier for a lot of the younger talent to learn from them. That’s the most important part about the talent, is that they’re willing and want to learn from veterans.

Because we can say, ‘Yeah we’re good, etc., etc., etc.’ But when it comes to throwing the punches and performing, we underperform too. So we have to be mindful and open with that.”

I’m a huge fan of Thunder Rosa and not just because she’s one of the best wrestlers on the AEW rosters. One of Thunder Rosa’s greatest strengths – in my opinion – is that she tells it how she sees it. And that’s what she’s done here.

I’ll admit that there was a point that I was one of the people who decried the AEW Women’s Division, but I have since pulled my head firmly out of my ass and seen that they are actually building something that will become one of the most important parts of AEW going forward. With the likes of Britt Baker, Thunder Rosa, Jade Cargill, Ruby Soho, Nyla Rose, et al, it’s not difficult to see why.

The AEW Women’s Division has some of the greatest talents ever assembled under one wrestling banner and can only improve, meaning that the future looks extremely bright for women’s wrestling down there in Jacksonville.


Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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