Sonya Deville Warns Fans She Will Prosecute

Sonya Deville has been through a horrific time of late.

Back in August, Phillip A. Thomas II was arrested after breaking into her home with the intention of kidnapping her. When he was arrested by the police after a silent alarm had been tripped, he was discovered to have a knife, plastic zip ties, duct tape, and mace in his possession. He also had other items and now faces life in prison.

Deville’s Words For Some Fans

Taking to Instagram Stories, Deville, understandably, had some choice words for fans who decide they have a right to step over the boundaries. Deonna Purrazzo was dealing with fans overstepping towards the end of November.

She wrote:

I’m going to say this once and try and be clear. I love my fans very much and appreciate u despite what has happened I do not categorize u all as raging psycho paths. But harassing myself or people I have been w etc is never acceptable.

I share my life with y’all to an extent because it is part of what I do and what I signed up for that being said I will not hesitate to report and or take legal action against anyone that has sent threatening messages and or anything inappropriate to me or someone in my life. Like I mentioned I am not messing around at all and it is a zero tolerance policy at this point due to referenced incident, thank you.”

Gray’s Dissection Of Some Fans’ Behavior

It always strikes me as insane that anyone should ever find themselves in this sort of situation. These are professional wrestlers whose job it is to entertain you and that is it.

Just because you’ve bought their merch or followed their career or they are your favorite performer, IT DOESN’T MEAN YOU OWN THEM!

They don’t know you from s*it! You’re just a fan! Although they undoubtedly appreciate you for your support, please don’t show up at their damn house with the intention of causing them or their loved ones harm.

Everyone has to agree with this. So instead what do you think should be punishment? Do you think Sonya Deville will come back to pro wrestling? Let us know in comments below.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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