Ricochet: Contract Up?

Hey everyone, this is Sam. Let’s talk about Ricochet. I think many fans have been talking about “poor” Ricochet since he arrived on the WWE scene as Aleister Black’s tag team partner after setting NXT on fire. Fans have openly told him on Twitter to leave. Does he stay with WWE? Does he need to go back to NXT? Does he need to go to another promotion? We need to break it down.

Contract Status?

According to Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live, WWE Raw Superstar Ricochet has not agreed to re-sign with WWE. Everyone is thinking that since WWE announced he had joined the company on January 16th, 2018 and that he had signed a three- year deal then his contract should be just about up.

WWE or Ricochet haven’t announced that he has re-signed with them yet. Bryan Alvarez never said that Ricochet is definitely leaving WWE, but why wouldn’t he? In my opinion, WWE has just about buried him. Ricochet has fought with The Hurt Business then Retribution for years. No, I’m joking, but it definitely feels that way. I know it has been about six months though because he was fighting The Hurt Business with Apollo Crews this summer. He has to be thinking…can I be saved?

This must have been especially on Ricochet’s mind after this past Monday Night Raw (January 11, 2021) when he was reportedly backstage. Many, including Drew McIntyre, were said to have Covid-19, so many WWE Superstars pulled double duty. Yet, Ricochet sat right there not being used.

Ricochet: What Would You Do?

If I was Ricochet, what would I do? No, I would NOT do what all of you just shout for him to do. I know you. You either just shouted WWE or AEW. Why would you do either one of those? Ricochet, listen to me…please…listen.


Don’t re-sign with them! Dude, you are only 32-years old. You can make more money later. Unless they put exactly how they are going to use you in that contract then don’t believe it. Like I think Oprah said, once someone shows you who they are BELIEVE them. WWE doesn’t see you as anything but a mid-carder or a fill-in at Super Showdown.


I love AEW and am a huge mark for them. However, right now, they have too much talent that is similar to what you’ve shown in the last year. They will start you at AEW Dark. Not because you aren’t better than that, but right now they have talent like crazy.

My Take

I think Ricochet needs to go to MLW and Court Bauer. Court is in talks for a second show. He is quickly putting together a lot of great talent like Hammerstone, Team Filthy, Jacob Fatu and Richard Holliday. He could create a completely different gimmick and truly re-invent himself. Then Ricochet could move on if he wanted. MLW does allow others to work indies some. I believe this would be a move that would rejuvenate Ricochet and get his passion and confidence back.

What do you think? Where do you really think he should go for him? Where do you want him to go? Let Sports Obsessive know in the comments section below. I’ll talk to you soon. See you down the road.

Written by Samantha Sayre

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