Rey Mysterio Wants K.O and Finn Balor

Rey Mysterio has had the kind of career that makes nearly every other wrestler in the business green with envy. He’s held multiple titles in a myriad of companies around the world, been immortalized in comic books and video games, and shared the ring with some of the greatest to ever lace up a pair of boots, such as Eddie Guerrero and The Undertaker. Let’s face it, Rey Mysterio has done it all.

Or has he? According to the man himself, he’s still got a few goals that he’d like to achieve before he hangs his mask up for good and he has his eye on a couple of WWE Superstars that he’d like to face mano a mano in the ring. Talking to Metro, Rey Mysterio said;

I’ve been keeping a close eye on Kevin Owens. He and I have never clashed one-on-one. It’s always been in a Four-Way – not too long ago, with Seth, and Finn, and myself. But Kevin Owens is a guy that I’ve had my eyes on. Finn Balor is another guy that I would love to go out there and just compete one-on-one. Those two guys are definitely at the top of my list right now.”

Talk about your fantasy booking. In the barren wasteland that is the WWE – where the best in-ring workers get pushed to the bottom of the pile so Vince McMahon can carry on his big, sweaty man fetish – both K.O and Finn Balor are a joy to watch. At least, when they’re not just shoved into three-minute squash matches as the company has no faith in anyone who isn’t built like a fricking building.

The idea that a legend such as Rey Mysterio wants to face both men one on one is enough to have me contemplating tuning in each week just to see if this now unfolds. It would benefit both K.O and Balor to simply share a ring with Rey Mysterio and with both going over – as would be the case, as even Rey Mysterio realizes he is now in the twilight of his career – they would find themselves positioned for major pushes at the title.

Don’t be under any illusion here, the only reason that K.O finds himself at the top of the card is that the WWE was convinced he would leave for AEW so had to put him there to keep him, and Finn Balor must’ve shat in Vince McMahon’s morning coffee, considering he’s been buried on a level not seen since Ricochet joined the company. So to have these two feud with Rey Mysterio would give both men a shot in the arm that one desperately needs and the other will soon desperately need when the WWE realize he’s signed on for another seven-year stint and start having him host talk shows just to give him something to do.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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