NJPW Strong Is Heading To WrestleCon

NJPW Strong is heading to WrestleCon for a live show on April 1st. WrestleCon announced that it had partnered with NJPW for a live NJPW Strong on Twitter in what is a very big coup for the event.
Wrestlecon tweeted out;

Surprise! We are thrilled to partner with NJPW at WrestleCon. Please note, this is a separately ticketed event and not part of the SuperFan ticket. There will be an additional show on 4/1 during Session 3 for all Session 3 ticket holders.”

While the NJPW site confirmed this;

After NJPW STRONG’s Autumn Attack saw action come to DFW Texas this past September, STRONG heads back to Dallas on April 1 2022!

WrestleCon will this year see a special STRONG taping at 5PM on April 1, and meet and greets are also planned!”

That alone should be enough to get the wrestling pulses racing – NJPW Strong is one of the best shows around at the moment, so shooting a taping at WrestleCon is a really big get for the organization – but WrestleCon wasn’t done there. A couple of hours later they took to Twitter again to announce the following;

Who’s ready for another show announcement? This is also ticketed separately and not part of the SuperFan ticket. Looking forward to partnering with Impact!”

So that’s both NJPW Strong and Impact Wrestling that will be making live appearances at WrestleCon in Dallas this year. Unfortunately, if you’ve gone out and purchased – or are thinking of purchasing – a WrestleCon SuperFan ticket then you’re going to be disappointed and possibly annoyed that neither NJPW Strong nor Impact Live is going to be included and that you’ll have to purchase separate tickets for both shows.

But that small niggle aside – well, expensive niggle I suppose – this year’s WrestleCon is shaping up to be the biggest in the companies history and again makes me regret living in The United Kingdom as we always miss out on the really interesting stuff.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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