MJF Hits Back At Claims He’s Faking Injury, Claims Doctor Told Him To Retire

The past few weeks have seen MJF lead us all in a merry dance before.

It all started when he was questioned as to why he hadn’t been in-ring for so long and he explained the reason he currently wasn’t wrestling was due to a serious injury that he couldn’t really talk about.

When he finally revealed the extent of the problem as a very serious hangnail, not everybody appreciated the utter agony he was going through.

Fans and wrestler’s started questioning just how serious it could be, forcing MJF to take to Twitter to defend himself;

When this explanation still wasn’t enough for some people, he felt that now was the time to point out that he was advised by his totally real doctor in a totally real and not written on his on computer letter that he should’ve retired after an elbow injury kept him out of CZW‘s Cage of Death.

MJF Doctor Note

The extent of his elbow injury would’ve ended most other wrestler’s careers, but MJF isn’t like most other wrestler’s and we are lucky to have him walk among us.

It’s like his doctor says.

He truly is better than us.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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