Mick Foley Picks Surprise Choice for Royal Rumble

Mick Foley is a wrestling God. An icon. The Hardcore Legend. So when he speaks, most people are intelligent enough to sit up and pay attention. And with the Royal Rumble less than a week away, Mick Foley has offered his pick for the women’s version of the over-the-top-rope battle royale. But who has the King of the Deathmatch announced the next Royal Rumble Queen?

Is it Sasha Banks? Charlotte Flair? Lita? Kelly Kelly? No, Mick Foley has picked none of the aforementioned entrants – especially not Kelly Kelly, don’t be ridiculous – instead, he’s taken to Twitter to choose Shotzi Blackheart to be the last woman standing this weekend.

Mick tweeted;

I’m pulling for a @ShotziWWE victory at the #RoyalRumble. She clearly has big star quality, and a #Rumble win would be a huge boost to her, the women’s division and @WWE”

Shotzi herself seems to have gotten a huge kick out of having Mick Foley in her corner, replying;

Suddenly energized and motivated! Thanks for the boost @RealMickFoley!!! LET THE GOODTIMES ROLLL!”

So, does Mick have a point? Or is he just blowing smoke?

Logic would dictate that one of the already established names – such as Bianca Belair – picks up the win, but I’ve always believed that something like the Royal Rumble should be used to establish stars for tomorrow, not to enhance ones that already exist. And with that in mind, Mick Foley’s pick of Shotzi Blackheart is as good as any.  Having turned her heel, it seems that the WWE has big plans for Shotzi going forward – though they haven’t quite come to fruition yet – so why wouldn’t they give her a huge victory at the Royal Rumble, allowing her to pick her own title match at Wrestlemania?

If they really do intend to build her as a legitimate superstar, then having her go over here – proving Mick Foley right in the process – would go a very, very long way to achieving that.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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