Lenny Leonard Balls Out WWE Over Allison Danger

Lenny Leonard took to Twitter yesterday to ball out the WWE for firing his friend Allison Danger. The legendary indie announcer – who called shows for the likes of Evolve, ROH, SHIMMER, and GCW too name just a few – did not hold back when calling out the company for uprooting Allison Danger, only to s*it-can her three months later.

Lenny Leonard tweeted;

There wouldn’t be enough money in the world for me to work some places. Here’s a thread about one of my best friends in the entire world. Its a long one. sorry. You dedicate 20 years of your life to pro wrestling. Endure physical and mental stress and injury but persevere until you are ultimately offered your dream job. Come on down and coach in Orlando. You sign on the dotted line, pack your entire life into a truck and move from Vegas to Florida, uprooting your family, and your child from their friends and school to chase your dream. 3 months go by, no performance issues to speak of, by all accounts you’re fitting in well. You are asked to go in to help as they are shorthanded, and you get exposed to Covid… ruining your Christmas by being a good soldier and are forced to quarantine. You survive and make it through New Year’s and your child that you dragged across the country to accompany you is starting their first day at their new school today. You pick them up from the car circle and as they are getting in the car, they hear you are on the phone. It’s your boss telling you you’re fired, 3 months after you moved across the country for your “dream job”. Sorry Danger… billion-dollar companies doing record profits restructure divisions and fire people after 3 months all the time… Good luck to you and your family though. The best part will be when they say she was let go due to budget reasons, completely forgetting that the reason they told her it took 3 months for her hiring to be approved in the first place was that they were waiting for BUDGET APPROVAL TO HIRE HER. YOU NEED BETTER ACCOUNTANTS.”

Lenny Leonard then called on Tony Khan to hire her, saying;

I know everyone @’s you to sign wrestlers for @AEW every week @TonyKhan but not me I’m telling you your first call on 2/4/22 needs to be to @allisondanger. You don’t know me, but trust me on this I’ve never even hit you up for a job for MYSELF & I’m telling you she’s the one.”

Releasing someone after three months, after they’ve uprooted their entire life for you and your company is a dick move of epic proportions. A multi-billion dollar corporation that keeps cutting jobs so their higher-ups can have bigger bank accounts, shows just how far removed from its fan base the WWE currently are.

I’m with Lenny Leonard on this, they couldn’t pay me enough to go work for them.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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