Kazeem Famuyide: You Have No Friends at Creative

Kazeem Famuyide might not be that much of a familiar name to most wrestling fans, but he should be as he’s across all forms of media from print to podcast and had a very interesting stint working on creative for the WWE a few years ago. And it was his time with the company that Kazeem Famuyidehe talked to Renée Paquette about on her own cast ‘The Sessions‘, revealing – in the process – that maybe we all couldn’t do the job as well as we think we can.

Kazeem Famuyide said;

You have no friends at creative. The only friends you have in creative are some talent and basically just the other creative. You get all the blame when something’s terrible, and none of the credit when something’s good. And on top of that, just kind of being in there and seeing how the soup is made, really made me have so much more respect for everybody that goes through those doors.

I was just like everybody else. I was like ‘I can do better than that. That’s trash. Creative is ruining this guy.’ And the first thing you notice when you walk into that room is that everybody in that room is a hundred times as big a fan as you are. They have thought of every cool idea, they have thought of every opportunity, every single thing. It truly is a machine over there. So it’s not as simple as ‘I’ve got this cool idea, let’s do it.’ We can have a whole hour-long thing on just the process.”

We’ve all done it. Sat down and watched Smackdown or RAW and thought “What a pile of crap, I could do better”, but having heard what Kazeem Famuyide’s had to say on the subject, there’s a very good possibility that we couldn’t. It seems that everything that gets to the screen has to go through a huge committee that combs over every detail before you can even start putting the storyline into practice. And that’s before it even gets in front of Vince McMahon, who’ll pull the plug on anything that doesn’t fit his insane vision.

Kazeem Famuyide has made me feel as if – just maybe – we should all start cutting the WWE creative team a little more slack from here on out. Not too much as they still need to be held accountable for anything that has the smell of Katie Vick about it, but perhaps we can stop coming down on them so hard when they split The Hurt Business up for the thousandth time.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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