Jordynne Grace Deletes Her Twitter Account

Jonathan Gresham Makes A Statement About Twitter Comments

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Jordynne Grace has deleted her Twitter account. She may have done it to have some more contemplative time. To just de stress for a while. Or to come back with a new social media look.

Except that her partner Jonathan Gresham has tweeted;

No it’s not an angle. It is not a gimmick. We are not working on this together. It is simply someone going into business for themselves. And legit taking shots at myself and my wife online. But please continue to support that kind of behavior as its seems to entertain you.’

As Ewrestling news points out, he didn’t name anyone, but Anthony Ogogo, has been thought to be involved in some choice attacks on Jonathan Gresham, including;


He later said this;

But is this banter? Is it a work on his side and a different view from Gresham? I don’t think so.

There are lots of spats on social media, but to become so playground, so basic, so quickly?

That shows a special kind of bar setting:

Set the bar low.

Limbo under it.

There the backtracking in Ogogo’s most recent tweet on the matter, which of course isn’t. Use of the word ‘wifey’, would you?

That compounds the issue, Anthony.

Ogogo is British. We have a thing called the Equality Act 2010.

It has 9 protected characteristics of which gender, race, disability and many others are listed.

So this was just ‘lighthearted jabs’ to Jonathan Gresham was it? Well, is that ‘wifey’ comment a jab at gender? Would it have been better if it had been a joke about sexual orientation?

Of course not. And height is not a protected characteristic, but all these jibes come from a place of power. And a desire for power.

Jokes about gender, race, religion, disability. They are all about power over someone else. That power need comes from a lack. A need for something.

Ogogo made a big splash in AEW when he arrived. That was a while ago. Where you been, Tony? Where are you?

Not on Dynamite. And maybe that’s the point.

Gresham has nothing to prove. It’s not about the number of feet and inches, it’s about the size of your talent in the wrestling ring. Gresham has no deficiency there.

Maybe one day Anthony will show some too.

Written by Steve Swift

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