Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts Once Deliberately Hurt Someone

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts is a legend in the wrestling industry. He redefined what it meant to be a heel. During a time when everyone else was turned up to 11, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts spoke softly and with menace, which you knew he could back up in the ring. He was the inventor of the DDT and wielded the snake he carried everywhere with him as a weapon. He’s a WWE Hall of Famer and for a very good reason. Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts has a wrestling mind like no other.

He also came up during a time when wrestlers would go into business for themselves if they felt that they were being taken advantage of, and Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts was no different as he explained on a recent episode of the DDP Snake Pit podcast. Talking with DDP, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts told the following story;

I had an incident where a guy was giving me a clothesline every night and it was freaking ripping my head off, and I was recovering from having neck surgery. And in wrestling, you can make it look like you tore the guy’s head off or you can tear the guy’s head off. And of course, making it look like it is much better because then the guy can sell it properly. When you tear somebody’s head off, there’s no selling it, man. You get what you got.

And I went to the guy and called him out, you know, ‘hey dude, you’re killing me. What the hell?’ And he looked at me and said, ‘well maybe it’s time you get out of the ring’. So the next time we wrestled, he clotheslined me and I did a little maneuver and snapped his bicep in half with intent. And when he went down, he was grabbing his arm, the bicep rolled up on his shoulder, it looked pretty awesome.

And he’s screaming to ring the bell and I jumped on top of him and grabbed bicep and just started squeezing, and I was pissed. And I told him maybe it was time for him to get out of the d-mn ring. Not proud of it. I do need to apologize to him, face him, I’m not gonna call his name out. We all know him. But he did what he did, and I did what I did, and he had six months off.”

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts went on to say he really needed to apologize to the wrestler in question – and that he really shouldn’t have done what he did – but the moral to this story seems a simple one to me. Be careful who you mess with as you don’t know how big of a bastard they actually might be.

Written by Neil Gray

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