Is There Something Wrong With MJF?

Is there something wrong with MJF?

This seems to be the question every wrestling website is currently asking after his last tweet from yesterday.

In response to a fan who suggested that the only reason he’d remained undefeated was because of his lack of in-ring appearances, MJF tweeted;

This has sent a shock wave of concern through some of my fellow wrestling writers who are wondering if he’s telling the truth and if something serious has happened to MJF?

It hasn’t, he’s playing each and every single one of you, I guarantee it.

Here is the best Heel business, doing his thing and messing with people, this time by making it appear that he has a genuine concern for the wrestling fans through these tough times when we all know that MJF only cares about one person, MJF.

He’s a glorious bastard and I love him for it and fully expect this all to end with another tweet complaining about DDP putting him over on his podcast or that he’s making more money than he knows what to do with now that he’s charging fans $500 a pop to cut a promo on them over on Cameo.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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