Impact Wrestling Has A Positive Covid-19 Test

Hey everyone, this is Sam with some quick news about Impact Wrestling, who came back recently to film the final eight to ten weeks of their year. Impact Wrestling has always has taped blocks of their TV time. It allows their wrestlers to have to only travel for a certain amount then the rest of the time is theirs. They will do some independent shows and then some of them head to Japan  This set of tapings are supposed to take them up to January’s Hard to Kill PPV.

Wrestler Tests Positive

Impact Wrestling reportedly had a positive Covid-19 test at this set of TV tapings. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reports that there’s no confirmation of who tested positive, and only “a few wrestlers” were directly told because they needed to get tested due to potentially being exposed to the positive wrestler. “The wrestler was believed to be part of a group of several people who all traveled together and were tight,’” Meltzer wrote.

In the report, Meltzer notes that Impact Wrestling has only been doing temperature checks. This is what caused WWE to have a lot of issues. WWE learned quickly that just asking questions and temperature checks don’t catch the asymptomatic wrestlers. These wrestlers can spread it to other wrestlers who end up being asymptomatic. Dave Meltzer said, “One wrestler noted to us that they were the only major company not testing which they felt was very irresponsible.”

Not Every Wrestler Told

Other wrestlers were not told about the positive test result. They had to hear the news through gossip. Well, most wrestlers don’t enjoy finding out this way, especially when it comes to their and their families’ health. With Thanksgiving being this week, many wrestlers had the week off and were spending time with their families, like at Taya Valkyrie who is married to WWE’s John Morrison. They had Thanksgiving pics up on Instagram yesterday.

Plus, some of the Impact roster are going to Japan for the two tournaments currently being held there. I know Chris Bey and TJP are in the Super J Cup Tournament, for example.

What do you think about this? Should the wrestlers have a right to be mad? Also, shouldn’t Impact Wrestling be testing like the other promotions? Let us know here at Sports Obsessive.

Written by Samantha Sayre

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