Goldberg Pushing For Match With Roman Reigns

As reported here earlier, Matt Riddle seems hell-bent on getting a match with one William Scott Goldberg, but it seems that the man himself has a bigger match in mind.

Big Bill was a guest on this week’s WWE The Bump and as soon as the opportunity presented itself, Goldberg was calling out The Tribal Chief.

When he was asked about having unfinished business with Reigns, Goldberg said;

…I would say that that is one of the most mild understatements that I’ve ever heard. He backed out on me at WrestleMania, he stole my move, God knows how long ago, and he continues to perform it at subpar levels.

Let’s be perfectly honest, I’m the dude who delivers the Spear and I don’t think that he understands what it’s like until I deliver one to him. So Roman, it’s coming and I’m coming for you. I may be old, I may be grey, but I’m still Goldberg.”

He finished the interview by thanking everyone involved before saying;

…and who’s next? Roman’s next!”

What the actual play is here is pretty unclear.

If this match had happened at Wrestlemania then Goldberg could’ve gone over, which is what he’ll want to happen due to his superhero complex, as nobody gave a rat’s ass about Reigns back then, but The Tribal Chief gimmick has made him one of the hottest properties in wrestling right now, and even the WWE wouldn’t be stupid enough to give in to the demands of a geriatric part-timer who still thinks he has the behind the scenes clout to bury the top talent.

Would they?

Personally, I think he should just suck it up, get in the ring, and let Matt Riddle beat the tar out of him, but I expect this match to happen and the location should determine the winner.

If it’s SuperShowDown then Goldberg gets the win, if it’s anywhere else it a double count-out so the old bastard can save face.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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