FTR Defend Jim Ross

It’s been an interesting few days for AEW and Jim Ross. On the recent episode of his podcast, Grilling JR, the Man in the Black Hat had a lot to say about wrestlers trying too hard and not protecting finishing moves.

Jim Ross said:

That evolution of the business is bull**t. Yes, they should be protected. The DDT is a finish. The superkick is just a part of the flow of the match (now). Nobody wins with it. What does that say to you? Does that say guys back in the day were more proficient delivering a DDT or a superkick than in this generation where ‘things are evolving’? I want some proof of that sh*t. I want somebody to prove to me that the changing of the wrestling business is what it is today and it’s making a difference. I say no.

I told a kid the other day at AEW that everybody does the same fu**ing spot. All you guys go outside. You cluster up like coils. You stand there in a huddle, friends and foes together, side by side so you can catch some leaping idiot going over the top who never wins with this move. They are looking for the “holy s**t chant. They love to hear ‘this is awesome’. It’s a spot folks. It’s a trapeze act. I don’t buy into that. The DDT is a great finish and should be used as such.”

Was This Disrespectful To Today’s Wrestlers?

This was seen by some wrestlers backstage at AEW as disrespectful and almost like Gold Ol’ JR was burying them and the product. It caused Brandon Cutler to tweet out the following in what was either a jab at Jim Ross or just a bit of fun, depending who you ask:

7 vs 7. We’re gonna go outside, cluster up like coils, stand there in a huddle, friends and foes together, side-by-side to catch some leaping idiot going over the top.”

FTR Steps In For Jim Ross

Which in turn has offended some other wrestlers within the company of which we can probably count Dax Harwood of FTR among when he tweeted a short time after:

Imagine not listening to criticism from the men & women who’ve shaped our profession, and paved a road that allows you to make a living today; all because they hurt your feelings.”

While sections of the WWE Universe are climbing over each other to proclaim this is the first shots in a civil war that will see the downfall of AEW. Then the more sensible among us see it for what it truly is just a disagreement. Handbags at 30 paces.

Gray’s Take On This

Should JR have said what he said? Well, yes and no.

I understand his reasoning behind it, but if he feels so passionately about the situation. Maybe he should have said it to the boys and girls in back, on masse. Not doing it on his podcast. As for Cutler and Harwood, both sides are right in their opinion. Cutler for thinking Jim Ross was wrong. Dax for pointing out that legends have a right to say what the hell they want.

Just next time, maybe do it in private, eh folks?

Who do you agree with and why? Tell Sports Obsessive in the comments below.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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