Eric Bischoff Wasn’t An Abyss Fan

Eric Bischoff wasn’t an Abyss fan in a revelation that should come as no surprise to anyone who was forced to sit through TNA when Bischoff and Hogan were in charge. On a recent episode of his ‘83 Weeks With Eric Bischoff Podcast’ – did you know that WCW once beat WWE in the ratings for 83 weeks straight? Me neither, it’s not like Eric Bischoff ever mentions it – Bischoff spoke about Chris Park’s alter-ego, Abyss.

Biscoff said;

I did not like the Abyss character at all.  It was a Mick Foley/Mankind, KMart Blue Light special.  There was no authenticity to it.  There was nothing unique about it.  We’ve been there.  We’ve done that.  We’ve seen that at a very, very high level, and now we’re watching somebody basically ripping off that character, deriving their character from one that was successful previously with Mick Foley. I hated it.”

He then explained that it was because of his hatred for Abyss that he came up with the idea for the Joseph Park, attorney at law, character. Eric Bischoff went on;

 It took me a while to get enough of a relationship with Chris that I could even explore a different type of character in the attorney Chris Park.  When I laid it out to him, and I remembered where we were when I first laid it out to him, his eyes opened up and he got a big smile on his face.  He was so freaking good at it.  He’s an amazing performer and I would have loved to see him do anything else but that Abyss character.”

Personally, I think Eric Bischoff is an idiot, and this proves it even more. Abyss was one of the most over and beloved wrestlers in TNA at the time, and for him to come in and make such a sweeping change to the character – no matter how good Park was in the roll – just goes to prove that Eric Bischoff had no idea what the TNA fans wanted.

If you’ve read Eric Bischoff’s autobiography – which I have – you’ll know that he talks about the likes of Bill Watts and Jim Herd being out of touch when they were heading up WCW. Well, it seems that Eric Bischoff has now become the thing that he once hated, an out-of-touch wrestling dinosaur.

Written by Neil Gray

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