Effy Issues Jeff Jarrett Challenge, Match Set for This Weekend

Effy took to Twitter yesterday to issue a video challenge – do people still say video? – to Jeff Jarrett. For those of you who have missed this strangest of feuds, Double J appeared at GCW’s ‘Die 4 This’ PPV earlier this month and beamed Effy over the head with his trademark guitar. Effy chose to take the high road and refused to let GCW and Jarrett get under his skin, but it seems that after this past weekend’s incident – where Jeff Jarrett gave Effy’s tag-team partner, Allie Katch, the same treatment – that Effy has had enough and wants to fight.

He said;

I didn’t want to have to address you, Jeff Jarrett, because for one, you’re a clout vampire. You’re here to suck every bit of organic clout out of anybody who’s more over, more talented, younger, or more youthful than you are. It’s what you’ve done your whole career, but you’re also a washed-up 60 year old with a podcast you’re trying to get over, so it’s not really worth my interest or time. I am EFFY and I am bigger than that, and during one of the biggest moments of my career, a defining moment where I was going to enter and become the No. 1 contender, you attacked me from behind. The whole world knows that. Wow, magic. I can take a guitar shot, though, and truly, I don’t give a damn. But when you show up to a show I am not at and when you walk through the door where I am not available and you attack my sister, Allie Katch, after she has one of the biggest matches of her career, the biggest victories of her career, and she’s pouring herself out to the people who want to see her match at Hammerstein Ballroom, who want to see what she’s capable of against Ruby Soho. I’m fired up, Jeff. I’m real fired up.

So if you want it so bad, let’s do it. Let’s give the people what they want. Let’s give Jeff what they want. Honestly, I don’t know who wants it, but I want it now. I want you and me, Jeff, face-to-face, Hammerstein Ballroom, New York City, Sunday night. I sound stupid right now because while you’re beating up my tag partner, I was wrestling. I was fighting for my life like I do every f*cking weekend. But you get to show up where you want, don’t you Jeff? You’re getting what you want, but you’re not getting it easy. I can guarantee, Hammerstein Ballroom, whoever watching, ‘Oh, the corporations.’ I don’t give a damn. You’re getting 100 percent EFFY and you’re getting 100 percent GCW because the leashes are off baby, and when you step into Hammerstein, it may look familiar, Jeff. I know you’ve been there before. That it keeps you itching, doesn’t it? But when you step into Hammerstein this time, it’s my world, and I’m going to take you on the ride of a lifetime. Can’t wait to see you in New York, Jeff. Double F signing out. Double F is FINE.”

It didn’t take Double J long to reply to Effy, by quoting Johnny Cash;

… There’s a man goin’ ’round, takin’ names… …And he decides who to free and who to blame… …Everybody won’t be treated all the same… …There will be a golden ladder reachin’ down… …when the man comes around…”
This has led to GCW making Effy vs. Jeff Jarrett official for this coming weekend’s The Wrld On GCW and – I’ve got to be honest – I’m invested in this now. Initially, I had no interest and thought it was a case of GCW just bringing in another supposed big name to help get eyes on the product, but I’ll be damned if both Effy and Jeff Jarrett haven’t played this to perfection.
So good work all around here, and on an already stacked card, this has jumped to quite near the top of my ‘Must See Matches’ from The Hammerstein Ballroom.


Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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