Drew McIntyre Wants Roman Reigns

It seems that Roman Reigns is in high demand these days. On the back of being called out by Goldberg during this week’s WWE The Bumpa certain Scottish Psychopath Drew McIntyre also put forward his case to face The Tribal Chief on the exact same show.

McIntyre Makes His Argument

After a very excellent match between the two at last month’s Survivor Series, McIntyre had this to say:

The biggest thing I took away from that match was showing Roman and the entire world exactly what I’m all about these days…I think a few people have underestimated me along the way, even though I’ve been champion for the last eight months. I told Roman that I’m not the same guy; I’m on a whole new level now, and you’re going to find that out.

He kept talking and talking, and Heyman kept talking and talking and kept tweeting. I kept my mouth shut because I was going to show…what I’m capable of these days, and you saw his emotions change throughout the match. But he knows what I’m all about now. I guarantee that match is going to come back around again one day, and hopefully, it’ll be WrestleMania-level.”

McIntyre Praises Reigns

He also had praise for Reigns, even if he isn’t a fan of his attitude:

I’m the first to admit when I came back to the company and saw how far Roman had come since I was gone, he’s proven himself time after time. He talks about levels, and it’s not only what you see in the ring, but it’s also what he does outside of it as well. He’s proven himself for years, but I wanted that top spot. I had to work my butt off to get there. It took my 20 years to get there, but I’ve gotten myself up there. I’ve still got things to prove.

But Roman took it lightly, simple as that. I’m going to knock him back down to Earth, and hopefully back to the Roman I remember, the workhorse. Right now, he’s just a piece of crap when it comes to his attitude. But he does get it done in the ring, and he’s entertaining to watch.”

Gray’s Dissection Of the Issue

All things considered, I’d much rather see these two face-off than have to watch Reigns struggle through a match with Geriatric Goldberg. If it is at Wrestlemania, then more the better as McIntyre and Reigns are currently at the top of their game. But with nostalgia comes cash. Big Vinnie is never one to turn down the opportunity to line his pockets even further. So if Super ShowDown doesn’t go ahead next year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic then I’ve got a horrible feeling that Goldberg vs. Reigns for the Universal Championship is the feud we’re going to get.

Which match do you want? Reigns vs McIntyre? Reigns vs Goldberg? What would you be interested in? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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