Does the WWE Want Britt Baker?

Does the WWE want Britt Baker? According to the Good Doctor herself, they have definitely expressed an interest in signing her. Talking to Inside The Ropes for the 16th issue of their magazine, Britt Baker had this to say;

They definitely expressed interest—unfortunately, I’ve got to pick and choose how I say this—but I just feel like you can’t trust anything with that company, whereas at AEW I’ve never been promised anything that didn’t follow through. So it’s something that, unfortunately, it’s sad that it comes down to that, that it makes a company not really desirable because you can’t trust anything they say. And I know business is business, and I understand totally that’s what it is, but as a wrestler, business is business as well.”

This doesn’t state if the WWE have approached her while she was signed to AEW, or if this was beforehand. Neither does it say if it was during the time where her partner Adam Cole was thinking of leaving the WWE, but it does make it plain as the nose on your face that the WWE had – and might still have – a serious interest in signing Britt Baker.

Sadly for the WWE however, it seems that Britt Baker has zero interest in signing with them, and it’s not hard to see why. Lately, the company have been axing talent left and right – as well as pushing people then getting bored with them after about a week, relegating said people back to the roles of glorified jobber – so I can’t imagine it would be appealing for anyone who wasn’t on an athletic scholarship to put pen to paper with the WWE.

As for Britt Baker, she is one of the hottest wrestlers in the world right now – sorry WWE Stans – and she has reached this point by being allowed to grow and improve within AEW at her own pace. She says it herself, everything that has been promised to her, AEW has come through on. So don’t expect to see Britt Baker in a WWE ring anytime soon, and if Vince McMahon reads what she’s said, don’t expect to see Britt Baker in a WWE ring ever.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West)

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