Did Beth Phoenix Deliberately Try To Hurt Michelle McCool?

Did Beth Phoenix deliberately try to hurt Michelle McCool with the Glam Slam?

Well, according to The Undertaker’s Wife, yes, she did.

During an interview that she gave to Nine Line Apparel on Instagram she had this to say;

The first time I wrestled Beth. Her finisher. She hooks your arms and faceplants you. Well, she didn’t unhook my arms. Don’t know why. She definitely knows how because she had plenty of matches. Ended up giving me a concusion. Didn’t sell it. I’m not going to let you know you did anything. I actually let it go. And then, years after that in a WWE Magazine she made a comment about. So, I was like she did know about what she did.”

Now, I’ve just sat through the end of this match and I’ve got to say, everything Michelle says happened did happen.

Beth didn’t release her arms and she hits the match pretty damn hard, face first.

It’s more than enough to ring anyone’s bell.

Whether or not Beth Phoenix meant it is subject to debate, but if McCool is to be believed, she tried reaching out to Phoenix after Beth she made some comments about there being “…more to the story”, but, apparently, all she had to say on the subject was that Michelle should be thankful for the time that they spent in the ring together.

Is this all a work or is there genuine heat between Beth Phoenix and Michelle McCool?

Only the parties involved know for sure, but if McCool is coming back to the WWE, as has been rumored on more than one occasion, then expect Beth Phoenix to dust off her boots for one more run.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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