Dalton Castle: Where is “The Peacock” Going?

Hey everyone, this is Sam. Let’s talk about Dalton Castle. He is a 34-year old former Ring of Honor World Champion that had been with the company since 2013. Where could he go now? Does he want to leave ROH? Where would you like him to go? Is there somewhere he can make an impact right now? Sports Obsessive is here to explore this.

Dalton Castle (Brett Giehl)

Dalton Castle was an accomplished amateur wrestler from Rochester, NY, and has been a pro since 2009. He has primarily worked for ROH since 2013. Dalton Castle was a hot commodity thanks to his flamboyant gimmick involving ‘Boys 1 and 2’.

He defeated Cody Rhodes for the World title at 2017’s Final Battle before eventually losing it to Jay Lethal in June 2018. Castle also held ROH’s six-man tag titles with The Boys in June 2017 before losing them to the Young Bucks and Adam Cole.

While Castle has cooled down a bit since changing his gimmick several years ago, there’s no doubt that Castle is a talented wrestler and it will be shocking if places such as WWE or AEW don’t make a play for him.

So Where Could He Go Now?

Since Dalton Castle has been with Ring of Honor since 2013, why didn’t he leave sooner? Did he have a seven year contract? At points, especially when he was with the Boys, Castle was red hot in ROH. You would think he would have left for money then. I can’t see him leaving for money now. Maybe if he found a better place for him.

Personally, I think he would be better off if he went to a new company, to go somewhere like MLW, NWA or Impact Wrestling. They could offer a good amount of money for Dalton. NWA may be unlikely; they may have some money issues due to not having put on a show in awhile. MLW could take him on, but does he fit in with their vision of factions and strong men? I don’t think so. Plus, they are full of young guys, so I can’t see them taking the chance on Castle. Impact Wrestling might be the best place for him. His gimmick (the Peacock) could definitely fit in there. Impact already has some big personalities.

A couple years ago, Dalton Castle would have gotten a big look and big money from WWE because he was red hot. Today, WWE won’t pay him that and he would be put into NXT to prove himself. He could do fairly well there, but if and when he would go to the main roster it would be awful. Of course, if he went to AEW, where do you put him? I think he has to be in the Matt Sydal, Eddie Kingston and Cody area. I’m not sure he is good enough anymore to challenge for the AEW Championship and I’m not sure he can challenge for the TNT Title. Do you want to see him against Darby Allin, MJF, Sammy Guevera, Ricky Starks and Jungle Boy? I know he wants to see what he is worth on an open market, but do they really want him?

Should he resign with Ring of Honor?

I think he could, but I’m not sure he fits in with the “new” ROH either. I don’t know that he truly has a character, but maybe if he is strictly going to be one of their Pure wrestlers, he doesn’t need a character. Castle was part of the company’s recent Pure Title Tournament. He lost in the first round to Jay Lethal. Did you see him with the character he has beating Jay Lethal? No shot. Wrestling, Inc. reported he has a “good” offer from ROH, but he is exploring all of his options.

Of course, he could continue to work for ROH on a per-appearance deal like EC3 did until he makes a decision, if ROH will let him do so. Just remember that Ring of Honor has been making a lot of moves recently by signing and resigning Mark Haskins, Sumie Sakai, Bandido, and Tracy Williams.

My Take

I think Dalton Castle probably should sign with ROH or Impact Wrestling. However, look for him to sign with NXT and languish there for a couple years. Where do you think he goes? Where do you want him to go? Let me know what you think in the comments section below. I’ll talk to you soon. See you down the road.

Written by Samantha Sayre

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