Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Kingston Will Happen

Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Kingston will happen according to the Demo God himself. Joining Freddie Prinze Jr. on the actor’s podcast, Wrestling With Freddie, the former WWE writer asked Chris Jericho if he could pick any wrestler he could have a match with, who would it be. Jericho being Jericho picked three.  Bret Hart and Owen Hart as their paths never crossed in a wrestling ring, and Eddie Kingston who Chris Jericho confirmed he was set to face somewhere down the road.

Jericho said;

One that I am looking forward to now that will happen is the story we’re building with Eddie Kingston in AEW. That’s a guy from day one, the moment he walked in, I said ‘that’s a superstar, he’s gonna be a huge babyface. I like his style it’s very hard-hitting.”

This all stems from Jericho rushing to Kingston’s aid when the latter was set upon by 2Pont0 after he defeated Daniel Garcia on an episode of AEW Rampage back in November, and where there has been hostility building between the two ever since, the real Chris Jericho is full of nothing but praise for Eddie Kingston.

He doesn’t look like a typical wrestler, he just looks like a tough guy at the bar, but his promos are above and beyond. That’s why I kind of pick and choose who I’m going to be working with, and also it has to fit in with plans that Tony Khan has and what the guys have. But the Eddie one was really something cool to me. I also deal in long-term stories, so nothing is set in stone, but that is one I’m really looking forward to that will happen.”

I’m a huge fan of Eddie Kingston. He legitimately seems like he just wants to fight all the time, can hang in the ring with the best of them, and his promos are on another level due to the fact you think he believes everything he says. Because he probably does. I agree with Chris Jericho, Eddie Kingston is a superstar, he just needs that one feud to cement him as such. Though his match with CM Punk was a great start, the wrong person went over in my opinion, but I have full faith that when Chris Jericho and Eddie Kingston face off AEW will get this right and catapult Kingston into the Main Event picture where he rightly belongs.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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