Bryan Danielson Is Mentoring Jade Cargill

Bryan Danielson is considered by most as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, while Jade Cargill is already been touted as the next big thing within the sport, even though she’s only been wrestling for three years, and with both plying their trade in AEW you would think that the latter would approach the former for any advice he could offer to help take her to the next plateau and beyond. According to Tony Khan, their relationship is much more than just a passing acquaintance, and Bryan Danielson is mentoring Jade Cargill.

Talking to Sports Illustrated, Tony Khan had the following to say;

Off-screen, Bryan is such a valuable resource. I recently asked him and Jade Cargill, who is already starting an amazing run as our TBS champion, to work together. I think Bryan is the world’s greatest pro wrestler, and he has such valuable insight. Jade is incredibly driven, and Bryan’s been a great mentor to her so far.”

This is great news for anyone whose a fan of Jade Cargill – such as myself – as having Bryan Danielson in her corner can only benefit her greatly. Ever since she first stepped foot inside an AEW ring, I’ve predicted great things from her, and winning the TBS Women’s Championship was just the first tiniest step she has taken towards doing just that. I fully expect that Jade Cargill will become AEW Women’s World Champion before 2022 has finally sputtered out and if not then it will happen before 2023 has even had time to open its eyes.

I also expect her in-ring and promo work to improve ten-fold under the guidance of Bryan Danielson. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad with how Jade Cargill handles herself currently, but when you have someone who has been around the block as many times as Danielson has – and wrestled as many world-class opponents in as many promotions with as many different styles as he has – then this is a massive win-win situation for everyone involved.

Bryan Danielson gets to pass on his extensive knowledge, Jade Cargill gets to learn from a master, and AEW gets a wrestler who will not only go on to become a dominant force within the company but a future Hall of Famer as well.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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