Bobby Fish Out For Eight Weeks

This Just The Tip Of The NXT Injury Iceberg

NXT: TakeOver WarGames was one hell of a show, but it didn’t come without its casualties. Seven NXT wrestlers including Bobby Fish went down with injuries of varying severity and degrees. Then on Wednesday night’s NXT show, they lost two more.

WarGames Injuries

Bobby Fish had to go under the surgeon’s knife due to a minor tear in his triceps. This could keep him out of action for around eight weeks. This is the same injury that WWE Main roster wrestlers Edge and Rey Mysterio had. Both were out for different amounts of time because of severity. In the same match, Oney Lorcan’s face got busted up pretty bad and he required stitches.

Elsewhere in the show, Candice LeRae suffered a possible broken arm, and her husband Johnny Gargano needed to get his lip sewn up. Dakota Kai suffered multiple injuries. The issue is nobody is saying just what they are. Rumors are Pat McAfee did also. Timothy Thatcher suffered a rather nasty looking gash to his ear that needed five stitches to close.

Last NXT Show Injuries

Then NXT rolled around and it was happening again.

During his match with the aforementioned Thatcher, Cameron Grimes suffered yet another undisclosed injury. However it was to his leg. Damian Priest f*ked up his back and has possible broken ribs after his beating at the hands of Karrion Kross.

It must be like a battlefield medical tent at the NXT Performance Center with so many bodies out of action and needing attention. Where in the past wrestlers would have just taken half a bottle of prescription meds and washed it down with vodka, these days that sort of behavior is frowned upon for being really, really stupid.

There are no real time schedules on any of the serious injuries, such as LeRae’s and Priest’s. Those with busted open lips and other body parts should be back in the ring this coming week.

Who are you most worried about missing time in NXT? Who do you hate to see injured? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Neil Gray

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