Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly Praise Triple H

Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly recently appeared on Chris Jericho’s ‘Talk Is Jericho’ podcast to discuss their journey through wrestling, and they had special praise for their time in NXT and for Triple H in particular.

Talking about their time on the yellow and black brand, both Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly had nothing but good things to say;

…those will go down as some of the greatest times in my career. I will say, respectfully, had some of those greatest times as well with New Japan and Ring Of Honor, but everything was just really special in that timeframe with NXT. And the fact that I was able to do it with three, and then eventually four, when Roddy was added, of my legit closest friends in this industry.

We would joke about it, but it made it like not really work. Promos and stuff especially, the production would joke, ‘well do we need to get a second one in the can?’ Because we would do them in one or two takes. I think it had less to do with our ‘talent,’ and more to do with four dudes riffing.”

And Kyle O’Reilly had this to say about The Game;

He definitely has his thumb on the pulse across the business. And I think he definitely has a good mind for the business. He was the Vince of NXT. I never really worked with Vince, per-say, but I get that he’s the Vince of Vinceland, right? Even just watching the way his brain operates for other people, let alone just us.

Watching him come up with a finish for this match in particular or this angle. Or what this heel should do here is like, ‘oh my god, this stuff has been right in front of me for so long. But I never really get it until hearing someone articulate it like that.’ He’s very, very smart. I had an amazing time working with Hunter, it was really cool.”

Ever since Triple H had to step back from NXT, the show has gone downhill and downhill fast. To me, it seems as if his health problem allowed the powers that be carte blanche to take what was once one of the most exciting wrestling shows on television, gut it of all the talent and personnel that were Triple H guys and girls, and rebrand it as Smackdown/RAW lite.

Which is a shame as like Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly – and anyone with even a passing knowledge of the business – I fully believe that Triple H is one of the greatest minds in the sport today. Sadly, with him now seemingly on the inactive list indefinitely, NXT will never rise to the heights it once attained and performers like Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly will have to ply their trade away from the Land of the Giants.

Still, WWE‘s loss is AEW’s gain.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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