Being The Elite Suggest That The Revival/Revolt Are On Their Way

This week’s episode of Being The Elite seemed to suggest that The Revival/Revolt are on their way to AEW.

While Nick and Matt Jackson sit outside, discussing why BTE is still going, they look up and see ‘FTR’ in the sky.

As most of you will know, this was a running gag during earlier episodes of The Young Bucks hugely successful YouTube show and stood for ‘Fuck The Revival’.

The former Dash and Dawson took it and ran with it during their time in the WWE, having it stitched into their ring gear as a nod to the Jackson Boys as well as, rumor had it at the time, changing the meaning to ‘Free The Revival’, showing even back then they wanted out of the company.

Since they were granted their request a few weeks back, it has emerged that ‘FTR’ now stands for ‘Fear The Revolt’, in honor of their new tag-team name that someone else hasn’t been using for half a decade, no siree bob.

There is a small chance that The Bucks could just be playing with us and The Revival/Revolt could still end up elsewhere, but the smart money has always been on AEW and this just seems to confirm that it’s going to happen.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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