Bayley: What’s Going On?

Resting, Hurt or Personal Issues? Or Vince?

Hey everyone, this is Sam and I want to take just a minute to talk about Bayley. I wrote an article earlier this year about how mature and improved in all facets she has been, so it pains me to see the last two months. I said on my podcast on the Survivor Series episode that I was concerned about her. Bayley isn’t wrestling as much right now. Why?

Bayley’s fans have noticed and I’m sure are wondering if she’s doing ok. The last ten weeks have been different for Bayley. Is she needing the rest from helping Sasha Banks and Randy Orton carry the company through the pandemic era? Is it family and personal issues? Or is she hurt with a minor injury that she just needs a little time for? Her fans are just as caring as she is…plus I’m sure they are wanting her to go after her titles. But could it be Vince McMahon and his time issues?

Bayley At End of September

According to Bayley’s Chronicle on the WWE Network, she found out that her stepfather died before the Smackdown episode on September 25th. I’m sure this devastated her and knowing how much she cares about others I can’t imagine how she felt being away from her mom, sisters and brother. Bayley went through Smackdown that night. It was about 5 minutes long. WWE played a video package about her attacking Sasha Banks and she cut a short promo about Nikki Cross and Clash of Champions. Of course, Cross wasn’t in the building. 

At Clash of Champions on September 27th, it was reported that it was confusion at the ThunderDome. Nikki Cross wasn’t medically cleared due to Covid-19 contact. Therefore, supposedly WWE wasn’t sure who Bayley was going to take on or if her match would be cancelled like the women’s tag team match.

Bayley ended up taking on Asuka. This was the match that Asuka German suplexed her on the floor, so Bayley picked up the chair to hit her. Bayley was immediately disqualified and then hit Asuka again. Sasha Banks appeared in a neck brace and nailed Bayley in the back surprising her. Banks proceeded to hit her again with a chair before picking up a kendo stick to continue. Bayley eventually got ahold of her title and away from Banks.


Of course, Bayley wasn’t at the October 2nd show due to being with her family. However, at the October 9th show, Sasha Banks and Bayley had a rematch for Bayley’s title. This is the match where Bayley tries to leave, but Sasha grabs her to pull her into the ring. Bayley snaps Banks’ neck off the bottom rope then hits her with a chair. Again, she is disqualified keeping her title. Sasha Banks grabs the chair and hits Bayley with it. Then jams the chair into the corner and hits Bayley’s face off of it. Afterwards, Sasha puts Bayley’s neck into a chair in order to do the same thing to do to Bayley what was done to her. Could a minor injury have happened?

On October 16th, Bayley didn’t wrestle again this week because it was set up by Adam Pearce for a WWE PPV Hell in a Cell contract signing. Both Sasha Banks and Bayley argued, Banks signed and Bayley walked away without signing. The next week on October 23rd Bayley didn’t wrestle again. Sasha Banks was determined to make Bayley sign the contract. Many think they remember Sasha beating on Bayley this week, but if you actually watch it. Banks doesn’t. Bayley gets her neck stuck into the chair by Sasha then put into the Banks Statement until Bayley signed the contract.

Hell In A Cell And The Next Week

Both Sasha Banks and Bayley made up for not wrestling much or beating on each other for a little while by giving it all on this night. They wrestled on October 25th in Hell in a Cell. They had the match of the night and probably the match of the month. It was one of the most creative and original Hello a Cell matches in awhile and definitely by the women. Usually wrestlers think they have to climb the Cell to entertain the fans. Not these two. They used weapons, the Cell walls, a fire extinguisher, duct tape and even each other to make it amazing.

The next Friday, October 30th Sasha needed to celebrate and a cut a promo bragging about the championship. She came out and set her straight that Sasha would be losing it next week, but again no wrestling. Both were probably sore and still banged up.


On November 6th, Sasha Banks and Bayley had their rematch. They were the first match of the night and according to Dave Meltzer they drew 2.5 million viewers. Both went hard that day and pulled out new tricks like Bayley doing the Banks Statement on Sasha. But on November 13th, Bayley appeared for about 30-45 seconds. Sasha Banks was in the ring and Bayley didn’t even make it halfway down the ramp before Carmella attacked Sasha Banks. Bayley completely disappeared. Feel sorry for her if she flew from California for that.

WWE Smackdown on November 20th was chaos according to many reports. Vince McMahon was late and things weren’t put in order. They ran out of time to even have matches for Bayley and Otis, so they just named them both to the Survivor Series’ teams. Bayley later that night ended up on commentary. At Survivor Series on November 22nd, Bayley the captain was the first elimination. However, she is lucky that she didn’t get hurt.

Bayley Hurt?

Bayley and Peyton Royce had decided on spot on top of the ring post. They were to suplex to the floor where EIGHT other women were to catch them. However, if you watched it closely. Bayley slips a little causing her to be off. Luckily, some catch her head, but you can actually hear a part of her body smack off the floor. I hope it was her butt, but am afraid it was her back. In slow motion, it looks like her back where no one got under her. Quickly, she is the first elimination (Now it didn’t make sense, but the whole Women’s Survivor Match could be a WHOLE another article).

Then on Smackdown, November 27th Bayley is back on commentary being her normal cocky, witty self. I definitely enjoy her on commentary bantering back and forth with Michael Cole. She’s hilarious. This time they set it up with Bianca Belair hitting her in mouth. Then as she goes to the apron, Bianca throw Nattie into Bayley who hits the floor on her shoulders and back area again.

So What’s Up With Bayley?

We are know there wasn’t a real solid plan put together when Vince decided to break Sasha Banks and Bayley up. It was a whim. Like he got a bug up his butt that it had to be now. They definitely didn’t give a 5 year storyline it’s due, but that was mostly because Roman and Jey’s storyline heated up so fast. This is why I said Carmella should have came back just a little earlier making Bayley save Sasha and trying to get their friendship back. It would have slowed it down enough to keep until after the first of the year. Plus they could have gotten their tag titles back that are obviously not working on Shayna and Nia.

Did she suffer a minor injury where she just needed time to heal? I’m not sure, but I don’t think so. Sasha and Bayley are known to be wrestling watchers and extremely safe workers with each other. I don’t think either got hurt other than normal. Plus you have her’s IG workouts proving that she still has mobility to do crossfit.

Is it a family or personal issue? Could be. As I just barely mentioned in the beginning of the article her stepfather passed away. Bayley and her family, I’m sure are having a hard time working through it especially with the holidays. That’s all I’m saying about this because if it is this then she deserves her personal and private time to deal with it the way they choose. Just know your fans and the wrestling world stand with you. Condolences though to Bayley and her family.

Vince McMahon

Of course, most things stop and start with one man…Vince McMahon in the WWE. I believe he is the exact reason why the women’s division that has been so good during the pandemic era is falling apart now. When he didn’t have Roman around and they were trying to build Drew up then they relied on Randy Orton then turned to the women…Asuka, Sasha Banks, and Bayley.

Now Vince doesn’t need them, so they are back getting 5-10 minutes of throw away time. Look at how much has been wasted on Carmella vignettes re-introducing her and Lana going through a table. Stephanie Mcmahon, where are you? Aren’t you the leader of women’s empowerment of the WWE? Where did your strong women go? Bayley is commentating and probably going to lose 50 matches to Bianca. Sasha is playing with a wrestler that has a superkick and a facebuster. ANNNNDDDD, poor Asuka is getting stuck dragging dead weight Lana to the tag team titles. Are you serious?

Vince according to Ringside News and Dave Meltzer showed up Friday at 12:30pm for the 8:00pm Smackdown show. Matches were announced until 7:40pm. Could this be the issue? Honestly, I don’t care what’s wrong. Fix it. I want my strong women’s division back. I want to see Asuka, Bayley, Sasha Banks and Shayna on my TV having me root them on. If Carmella, Bianca, Peyton and even Lana can match their standards…then I’m all for it. But get this fix.

What you think is the issue? Do you think it can be fixed? Do you want it fixed? Tell us in the comments below.

Written by Samantha Sayre

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