Anthony Bowens Smooches Boyfriend In Front Of Anti-Gay Protesters

Anthony Bowens took to Twitter a couple of days ago to post a picture of him sharing smooches with his boyfriend – YouTube star Michael Pavano – in front of Anti-Gay protesters and instantly became a massive f*cking legend. Bowens is out and proud and is a huge supporter of gay rights and gay rights organizations, and doesn’t take any s*it when it comes to his sexuality.

In the picture – which you can see below – Anthony Bowens and Michael Pavano are standing in front of a bunch of morons who are holding signs that say “Homos Go To Hell” – which is weird, as Jesus spent his time hanging out with 12 dudes – and “Trump, Make America Great Again, Ban Homo Marriage” – which leads me to believe the owner of said sign doesn’t want anyone to get hitched as we’re all Homo Sapiens – and to the utter horror of at least one bloke stood behind them, they’re smooching up a storm.

I was already a huge mark for Anthony Bowen before all this. I think he’s one of the best young performers on the AEW roster and I’m convinced that when his time in The Acclaimed is over, he will get moved into the AEW World Title picture and will become the first-ever openly gay AEW World Champion. But this? Well, this has made me love him even more.

There is zero room for bigotry of any kind in the world, let alone in the world of pro-wrestling, and seeing Anthony Bowens and Michael Pavano ruin these assholes’ day has totally made mine. Keep up the good work, gentlemen, continue standing up to hate. Sooner or later the idiotic, vocal minority will be drowned out and will be forced to crawl back under the dank and dark rocks where they usually live their pointless f*cking lives.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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