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Impact Wrestling: Breaking News

Welcome back to Sports Obsessive! Today is special day given the breaking news that has just been released regarding former WWE Superstars and more importantly, former Bullet Club members, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. In the midst of the rumours and speculation of all of the free agents who currently have their choice of promotions to work for, we have been wondering where ‘Machine Gun’ Karl Anderson and the ‘Big LG’ Doc Gallows were going to go. There was a lot of speculation that they would choose NJPW, given their history with the Japanese promotion.

Well, Slammiversary is tonight and Impact Wrestling has already dropped some breaking news to pump us all up for the big show:

After 90 days of being free agents, Anderson and Gallows are officially confirmed to have signed to Impact Wrestling.

Slammiversary will now truly be an unmissable show. There are so many great matches to be had but the question is, who will Anderson and Doc be going after and what will their intentions be in Impact Wrestling; one thing I know for sure is that Impact! will never be the same after this night.

Tune in to Slammiversary tonight to witness history being made and join us tomorrow as I run-down the show, right here, at Sports Obsessive!

Written by James Corcoran

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