AJ Styles Wants Edge

AJ Styles vs. Edge is a dream match that many of us have spent our time putting together on old 2K games or Fire Pro Wrestling, but could that fantasy booking be about to become a reality? Well if AJ Styles has his way then he and Edge will face-off, possibly at Wrestlemania.

Talking to DAZN, AJ said;

I want Edge. I feel like it’s one of the last dream matches I have left. And the fact that it wasn’t possible a couple of years ago due to him not being cleared is something I really want. The fact he came back now makes that match a definite possibility, and I’d like to have it at WrestleMania.”

For years, just the thought of AJ Styles vs. Edge was enough to get a wrestling fan salivating, but it always seemed a pipedream. First off because Styles was a TNA guy and Edge was WWE through and through, and then because Edge was forced into retirement. But now that both men are in the same company, fit and ready to go, could this be the perfect Wrestlemania moment?

AJ Styles recently signed a contract extension with the WWE and it is roundly thought this will be his last run in wrestling. In fact, Styles has said on many occasions that he wants to get out while he’s still fit and healthy, so there’s no reason not to think that after his time is up this time around, then so will AJ Styles time be in pro-wrestling. And then you’ve got Edge.

After a triumphant return at last years Royal Rumble, Edge has been used sparingly – which, considering his history of neck problems isn’t at all surprising – but in your friendly neighborhood wrestling writer’s opinion, he hasn’t really had an amazing ‘Holy S*it’ feud since rejoining the company. A long-worked program with AJ Styles could be just the shot in the arm that he needs.

If it was me booking it, I’d aim for next year’s Wrestlemania. Let the story build naturally over a period of months, taking in a few PPVs along the way, before having the final blow-off confrontation on The Grandest Stage Of Them All. Though knowing how impatient the company is, I fully expect them to randomly start a feud between AJ Styles and Edge about two weeks out from this year’s show, possibly over who has the best mom hair.

Whenever it takes place though, I fully expect AJ Styles vs. Edge to be the best thing on the card that night and an example of what true fantasy booking really looks like within a wrestling ring.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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