Adam Cole On Kyle O’Reilly: I Have No Idea

Adam Cole has been having his say on whether or not Kyle O’Reilly will be joining him in AEW, and it seems that even he doesn’t know. Allegedly. Over the weekend Adam Cole – and a host of AEW stars – was on a panel at the C2E2 event, held in Chicago between Dec 10th to the 12th. Inevitably, Adam Cole was asked by a fan in attendance about Kyle O’Reilly signing with AEW, now that the latter’s contract with the WWE has now run its course.

To which he replied;

This is the honest to god truth, I have no idea what Kyle is going to do. I really don’t. I’m not sure he even knows what he’s going to do. But the idea of getting to reunite with Kyle as well as Bobby, hell yeah I would love that. Hell yeah I would, absolutely.”

Ever since it became obvious that Kyle O’Reilly had little to no interest in re-signing with the WWE, rumors have abounded as to where he would show up next, with the most obvious destination being to join his former Undisputed Era stable mates – Adam Cole and Bobby Fish – in AEW. In your friendly neighborhood wrestling writer’s opinion, this would make perfect sense as it would allow the three to eventually turn of The Elite – when Kenny Omega returns from his raft of surgeries – sparking off one of the greatest feuds of the 21st century. Yet, according to Adam Cole, he has zero idea as to what Kyle O’Reilly’s plan is.

Let’s be honest here, that sounds like a steaming mound of bull-honkey. My guess is that Adam Cole does know what Kyle O’Reilly’s next move is going to be and that it is to AEW, but he has to keep quiet so as not to spoil the surprise when his friend finally does appear.

When that will be is anyone’s guess. Yet with a whole raft of talent now available and seemingly AEW bound, I doubt that it will be very long before we see Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O’Reilly join forces once again.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West).

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