A Big Title Match Announced for MLW Battle Riot III

Richard Holliday Will Defend His Caribbean Championship

The fifth round of the MLW Open Draft 2021 had no surprises in terms of signings, but it did provide the announcement of a big title match for Battle Riot III on July 10th at the famous 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, while hinting at another big match that could take place.

First things first: Alicia Atout revealed that this week’s draftees are TJP and the team of Kevin Ku and Dominic Garrini as ‘Violence Is Forever.’ There were no announcements of new signings, which raises the question of how many new signings MLW has actually made or whether they’re just trying to spread the reveal of these out.

Time will tell, but there was at least an interesting tease made concerning TJP. Alicia revealed that TJP has been putting it out there that he wants a shot at Myron Reed’s MLW Middleweight Championship and that MLW officials are seriously considering it. Not only would that be a great match in itself, but someone like TJP, whose style is fully complementary to Reed’s own, would make a great first challenger to Reed’s Middleweight title. Let’s hope that becomes a reality soon!

Richard Holliday vs. King Muertes MLW Battle Riot III title card
Credit: MLW

The big takeaway from this week’s draft, however, was the announcement of a title match for Battle Riot III, and it was an unexpected one for sure. Caribbean Champion Richard Holliday is set to defend his title against the muscle of El Jefe’s Azteca Underground group, King Muertes. On paper, Richard Holliday seems outmatched and outmuscled. That makes this match attractive in itself because it raises the question of how Holliday is going to approach it. He can’t match Muertes on strength, so is he going to try and outpace Muertes to tire the big man out? Or will he take it to the mat? Hell, will he bring in his partner in Dynastic crime, Alexander Hammerstone, to get involved and even up the odds a little bit?

Whatever happens, it’s sure to be an intriguing encounter!

MLW Battle Riot III takes place on July 18th from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.

Written by Chris Flackett

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