What Really Happened Between Kurt Angle And Eddie Guerrero

We’ve all heard the story. Two of the biggest stars in Pro Wrestling once got into it backstage and had to be separated, but what really happened between Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero that caused the two to come to blows?

It’s been a question that fans have wanted the answer to for decades now. What was the catalyst that made Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero beat the living hell out of each other? Well, according to The Olympic Hero himself, it might have been the fault of two other wrestlers.

Talking to Chris Jericho on the Talk Is Jericho podcast, Angle explained;

We were getting heat on Eddie. It was Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak, and myself. I didn’t touch Eddie, so I couldn’t have been the one that stiffed him.”

Unfortunately, it didn’t seem that Latino Heat felt the same way;

We all waited in gorilla and we say, ‘Thank you’ and shake each other’s hand. I went to shake his hand and I said, ‘Thank you Eddie’, and he said, ‘No. No. What you did out there was wrong. You were stiffing me.’ I said, ‘Eddie, I didn’t touch you.’ He said, ‘Bull sh*t. You were stiffing me. You were beating me up.’”

As you can imagine, Kurt Angle – the man who won Olympic gold with a broken freaking neck – wasn’t going to take that accusation lightly;

I pushed him. I didn’t know what to do. He made me so mad, I just pushed him. He double legged me, an amateur wrestling double leg. I got him down, I got him in a front headlock, and I started choking him out.”

Cue the one and only Big Show, who separated the two in his own inimitable manner;

Big Show came in, and this is embarrassing. Talk about having little guy syndrome. Big Show grabs me by the back of my singlet, picks me up, puts me in one corner, takes Eddie and puts him in another corner…Big Show was so damn strong. He lifted me up with one hand. My legs were kicking.”

Not wanting this to escalate any further, Angle decided that he needed to apologize to his friend;

I felt bad so I went to Eddie’s locker room to apologize. I went back there and knocked on the door. He opened the door and he didn’t say anything. I said, ‘Listen, I just want to say I’m sorry.’ You know what Eddie said to me?  He said, ‘I’m not ready yet.’”

Once again, Kurt Angle saw red and this time JBL – of all people – had to come to the rescue;

I went inside and started decking him. I’m fighting Eddie. We’re throwing pouches. Bradshaw pulled us apart and said, ‘Guys, you have to stop.’ I said, ‘Well, I said I was sorry and this a**hole doesn’t want to say he’s sorry back.’”

Eventually cooler heads would prevail and now Angle realizes that Eddie Guerrero was just being Eddie Guerrero;

That’s Eddie. Eddie is going to apologize when he wants to and I should have known that.”

It’s interesting to me that we finally have the truth of what happened that day, and that it comes straight from the horse’s mouth. According to Kurt Angle, he really had nothing to do with the situation that caused the fight to kick off, but being Kurt Angle there was no way in hell he was going to back down.

Angle finished up this tale by remembering what Bradshaw had said when speaking to Latino Heat afterward;

Why would you double leg an Olympic Gold Medalist?”

Too which Guerrero replied;

Because I’m a dumb ass!”

Goddamn it, I miss Eddie Guerrero.

Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West)

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