Conflicting News Reports About NXT: UK Cuts

On the back of Black Wednesday, when the WWE laid off a huge amount of talent and staff, there has been little noise coming from NXT: UK.

Outside of Kassius Ohno, the British arm of the yellow and black brand has gotten off pretty lightly so far, but all this might be set to change.

Or then again, maybe not.

First up, Dave Meltzer stated on Wrestling Observer Radio that he expects the ax to fall in the UK;

I don’t know what’s going on in the NXT UK — a lot of people are… I expect major cuts in the UK as well.”

But this has been contradicted by Mirror Sport’s Tony Quant who took to Twitter this morning to say;

This is a strange set of contradictions.

Most people will point to Uncle Dave as being the reliable source here, but even though Quant works for The Mirror- not the most beloved newspaper in the world -he has been pretty spot-on about this sort of thing in the past.

Well, as spot-on as you can be in this business.

As a fan of NXT: UK I’m hoping that he’s right and that the WWE won’t decide to start cutting talent and staff, but I’d be surprised if it managed to get off scot-free.

My guess is that it’s somewhere in the middle and we’ll see a lot of lower card/enhancement talent get the chop, which in these uncertain times is going to put a fair amount of people under undue pressure just to pay their bills.



Written by Neil Gray

SPOBS very own Mouth Of The South (West)

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