AJ Styles Shoots On WWE Wasting His Return

At Wrestlemania 36, AJ Styles fought The Undertaker in the now legendary BoneYard Match.

The ending saw AJ buried alive by The Dead Man and with that, he was gone from our screens, with zero indication as to when he’d come back or even how he’d come back.

It was a brilliant set-up that had fans talking.

Would The Phenomenal One be scarred from his war with Taker? Would he be a completely different character than the one who fell in the BoneYard? What did the future hold for AJ Styles and how long would we have to wait to find out?

Well, it turns out the answer to that last question was not very long at all, as he was back on TV, fighting for a place in The Money in the Bank Ladder Match faster than anyone could’ve imagined, considering he was, ‘y’know, kayfabe dead.

This didn’t sit well with a lot of people on the internet who posited that this should’ve been a slow burn of a return and accused the company of wasting it just to give their show a little more star power.

And it seems that AJ agrees with these sentiments.

While on his Mixer stream, Styles had this to say;

The return… could’ve been more, okay. I’ve heard people talk about, ‘Well I mean… kinda just wasted it. AJ Styles was buried alive, could’ve came back as a different character in a different mood and a different look, something different about AJ Styles and he came back and he was exactly the same before he got buried.’ I’m with you.”

Now, I think the circumstances had a lot to do with AJ Styles coming back when he did… but, the circumstances, the match… maybe we needed some more star power in the match. Maybe that’s what that was. I don’t know, I’m not tooting my own horn here, but, I wish we could’ve waited and had times been different, that could’ve been something that we would’ve went with.”
It seems that Alan wanted a new version of his character to rise up within the WWE, and if he had his way then that’s exactly what we would’ve got, but, unfortunately, with COVID-19 still choking out the planet, the company needed all hands on deck and any hope for a brand new AJ Styles had to be sacrificed or the greater good.
By which, I mean Vince McMahon’s bank account.

Written by Neil Gray

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